Monday, September 14, 2009

A thought or two on the Broadhurst resignation

I know its a little late in the day and I’m slower to reflect on this, I just wonder had I not challenged, Thanet council officers, and asked them to check on Cllr. Stephen Broadhurst apparent attendance at the full council Meeting back in July whether he would have sent his post dated resignation.

Dane Valley residents will shortly have a chance to replace the councillor and frankly the choice looks stark indeed, Labour through arrogance and little effort last time round surrendered Dane Valley and the three seats to the Tories, through a lack of effort, I well remember receiving an invitation to vote Labour some hours after I voted during the last local council elections, not one Labour candidate had the gumption to canvass, least not in my street, unlike the Tory, Michael Jarvis who bothered to disturb the ambience of Flaig Mansions and since he made the effort got my vote.

Personally my heart is with the Liberal Democrats but they’re particularly weak to nonexistent in Thanet. Still at the other extreme it looks like BNP are making a play, for Dane valley, at the time of writing this I’m out the “office” but a couple of leaflets have been stuffed through my door and as with many fascist parties the slogans and arguments are not just seductive but compelling in my world and that of those I work with, its clear that the British working people have been sold out and side stepped by an arrogant “we know best” Labour elite, free education has been eroded, the tax burden increased and British workers undercut and sidelined for jobs by Labour politicians like our own Cllr. Mark Nottingham, who is all in favour of free flow of Labour in Europe, ignoring the fact that it has been and always will be mismatched and British workers foot the bill not wealthy taxpayer funded Eurocrats like he.

The strength of the BNP comes from the fact that a majority of working people, are all to aware that for the professional classes, mass migration, doesn’t effect them except for cheap plumbing etc, and for the boss class provides easily exploited east European workers.

Behind concerns that ordinary working people have, its easy for the BNP to make gains, their toxic racial agenda hidden and buried amongst the “jobs for Brits” policy.

Still I find the attitude of Labour (just ignore eastern migration) almost as repugnant, I wont embarrass the Ramsgate Labour politician who if anything I found more disturbing than some of the BNP muppets, claiming that British people couldn’t do many of the jobs done by foreigners, not only prejudiced but disloyal to his own electorate and people.

Between Labour and the Tories you can hardly get a cigarette paper on policy or aspirations, they both wish to look after and perpetuate a fixed class system that favours the middle classes at the expense of working people, and as I say it looks like the BNP are to contest the by-election when it eventually takes place only they’ll be pushing for working class votes but with their own agenda.

When the BNP refer to “British Jobs for British Workers” they I’m sure mean white European, Labour mean anyone who happens to be resident in Britain, the Tories don’t give a toss, and me I’d like to think British Workers are those of us who’ve paid taxes in over the years and either hold or qualify for a British Passport irrespective of genetic make up.

I know that Cllr. Clive Harts has had his crew deliver letters re Cllr. Broadhurst’s absence, the BNP are on the case with leaflet drops, Tories are understandably sheepish particularly given Cllr. Broadhurst’s “post dated” resignation ( whatever happened to post dated cheques), Liberal Democrats where are you.

Still if members of the electorate are willing to sign nomination papers I might have a go myself, lets face it courtesy of Ramsgates King of Sleaze I now have a slightly tarnished reputation, just the thing for a budding politician.


  1. As an Independent, Tony? I think there already is an intending Independent (ex-Tory) already so split vote could let the Tory back in. Just what you and everyone else would love given the lot in Cecil Street at the moment.

    Better to try and get a party behind you but please, not BNP as you'd lose my vote and readership.

  2. I don't think I've endorsed the BNP if anything I'm flagging up their sudden interest in Dane Valley.

    As it happens I do sympathise with the jobs for Brits campaign but not from the Labour (meaningless slogan way) and certainly not in the BNP ethnic cleansing way either

  3. I'm guessing here but......the Thanet Earth work force is a migrant one? All the hop pickers are now migrant workers? In fact, most of the areas agricultural workers are migrants. Yet we have devastatingly high rates of unemployment.

    If that's true, why has it happened?

  4. Jean

    The answer to your question may be found by a visit to entitled to website.

    The British are better off on benefits than working.

    The Poles work harder and are morally superior.

  5. If we can get our current benefits thieving British tenants out of our buy to let, we will be looking to let to Poles.

    At least they work.

  6. Apparantly the buzz is that the Tory candidate for the Broadhurst seat is a Mrs Moores.

    I presume she lives in her intended area of office,and if elected will do a better job because she lives with and near her voters.

  7. Oh dear

    Well Tony I appear to have joined you as the target for an insult campaign.

    Well I was dead for half an hour on December 7th 1972 with a GP and my ambulanceman dad giving cardiac massage etc.

    This was caused by wrongly prescribed drugs for lung disease.

    I lost balance control and was blind for three days.

    I became registered disabled.

    I moved to Cliftonville to live at my aunt's hotel. And I set up a life plan. First to get some semblance of physical function back.

    I did this via martial arts and weightlifting taught by the late Stan Edwards of Margate Boys Club.

    I now know that Stan putting me into weight lifting held off the prescribed drug side effect of osteoporosis. I got off these wrongly prescvribed drugs in 84 and was given the go ahead to lift heavier ... winning a Welsh masters powerlifting title in 1993.

    The second part of my recovery plan of 1972 was to gain professional qualifications which I did at my own expense from 77 to 84 to qualify as an electrical engineer.

    "Dishing the Dirt" appears to be Lucy Mail's take on a piece the Disabled Persons Direct Action Movement published on internet.

    The Danners inadvertently published about my body having suffered permanent damage from prescribed corticosteroids over 14 years.

    I remain eternally grateful to Margate's late Stan Edwards. An ex 8th Army PTI.

    A tall tree.

    Now if anyone wants to take the pee about my disability history ... my picture is on internet. Take your best shot when you see me. I will p-ss all over you before the ambulance arrives to cart you off.

    The fact that I am something of a handful even now at 60 with only 42% lung function is due to people who helped me along the way like the late Stan Edwards.

    But I note that enthusiatically commenting on Lucy's blog is yer very own ECR.

    The man who purports to be a champion of the persecuted groups like the disabledand like Gypsies.

    Tony. Let me know who ECR is.



    You know who to contact

  9. I bow my hat to you Richard,

    Speaking from one recoveree to another... you've done fantastically.

    Take no notice of those idiots... and not that I'd wish illness on anyone, but perhaps one day they'll find out what it's like to be on the recieving end.

  10. "Lucy" is one nasty piece of work (& a lousy shag too!!!).