Monday, September 21, 2009

Thought for the Day – Just how much worse can BBC Radio Kent & South East get

Couple of issues from last week, I find more than a tad disturbing, the abrupt exit of two of BBC’s competent and professional presenters Beverley Thompson & Geoff Clark who earlier in the year were given notice to quit, on I believe the rather implausible suggestion that BBC’s South East today programme would, become more journalistic, ignoring the fact that content is controlled by the producers & editors, as if removing professional is going to improve the content or quality.

Secondly last week the Chief Executive of KCC announced his retirement/resignation/stepping down, not having heard a reference to this on Radio Kent, I sent an email as mentioned, in an earlier post, now in fairness I got an email back, suggestion that this had been aired, one from I understand the news editor, even giving a time, 7:30 I later listened to the recording and was unable to find the item.

I’m not suggesting misdirection and I’m sure if they claimed it was mentioned then it must have been, although I later queried this and have had no reply, it just seems strange that this item was not repeated on any of the news summaries that I had listened to after 7:30.

I just wonder who the BBC serve some “know it all” management elite or the paying customers like you or I, the controversial removal Beverly Thompson & Geoff Clark ought to make the perfect discussion item for Radio Kent’s John & Jules Breakfast programme, but don’t hold your breath, topics that relate to Kent are few and far between.

As I’ve said before, I believe BBC regional output is damaging democracy since they rarely report on local government. The license fee is supposed to allow for broadcast services which are unique, like reporting on democracy but apparently not here in Kent & the South East.

Its not entirely unknown for competent people to be side-lined, but since in the case Beverly Thompson & Geoff Clark, they’re salaries were paid for by an appreciative public maybe Quentin Smith, editor, and head of region Mick Rawsthorne could explain.

To judge how poor the decision seems I suggest you click on this report from Kentonline and read the comments.

If you’d like to ask the editor what the hells going on, here’s the email address although its probably not worth the bother.


  1. I have just rattled off an email
    asking where they have gone and when will they be back?
    (Tongue in cheek.)
    Perhaps they work for KCC.? now

  2. Another paranoid rant at the media.
    Do you not realise these things are simple economics. The broadcast industry has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. You can be pretty sure these presenters were very well paid, and will be the first to get the push in the eyes of execs (or accountants, as they tend to be these days). That's how TV works, jobs that were paid £25,000-£30,000 are now around £10,000-£15,000 and rely on the an influx of staff who will never question their pay scale for fear of losing their jobs.
    They'll just replace the older presenters with younger, cheaper, alternatives, desperate to be in the industry.
    If you think this has anything to do with free speech then you're an even bigger fool than you make yourself look on your blog.

    TV is entertainment. That's all it is. Even Sky News.

    Just turn off your TV, it's good for your sanity and will kill your illusions of grandeur.