Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kite flying and the blogger who cant get it up

Just a reminder that this weekend is the Big Sky International Kite Festival, held over two days with some pretty impressive displays of Kite Flying on Margate’s Main Sands. Full details are here or just get yourself down to Margate front.

Oh, on a blogging related matter, I see that Cllr Mark Nottingham, Thanet’s favourite Eurocrat has been named as one of Labours top 100 bloggers, (Crikey! how many can there be), also see Ramsgate’s self proclaimed premier blogger (ECR) uses the opportunity to take a side swipe at other local bloggers including me, with a link to this site as “another local loser”.

What I’d say and this will no doubt come back and bite me on the bum, is this, what matters is how colder hearted more analytical assessments are made and judging by googles PageRank, despite being authored by a shovel wielding F-wit, Bignews Margate ranks higher than most scoring 4 which is more than Dr Moores (3) but less than Corporate Presenter (5) both of whom had the privilege of attending Charles Dickens School around the same time as me. (Margate Architecture is also rated 4).

Anyway unlike Ramsgate’s limp “premier blogger” I’ve managed to get my google PageRank up and keep it up at least since June and without artificial stimulants.

It seems that Ramsgates “king of bloggin” is consumed by the knowledge that despite his education and breeding an oik like me can out rank him which I do, he may be funnier he may be more popular but so what.

old balls From June


  1. Tony, are you sure that Cllr Nottingham called you that? I've just checked his blog & the link says "BIGNEWS MARGATE".

  2. Not Cllr Nottingham as far as I know he's to modest to call himself the premier blogger, I'll edit for clarity

  3. Considering my Corporate Presenter is now in mothballs, I'm pleased with my ranking.

    Tony, go to Jeremy Jacobs

  4. "an oik like me can out rank him which I do, he may be funnier he may be more popular but so what."

    No Tony, you are far, far funnier.