Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Eastcliff Richard

I have asked Eastcliff Richard to remove defamatory statements, he has refused, make of it what you will.

Oh he’s claimed I’m about to reveal his identity well here it is “ “, that’s right one big nobody.

The truth is disappointingly, mundane but that said whether or not I ever swore an oath or took part in some solemn ritual I’ve no intention now or every of making revelations, the first time I met with the ECR author, at my insistence all I knew of their identity was their first name, it was some time later I knew their full identity.

No one has ever suggested before that I’ve betrayed confidential information, so why at 50+ would I wish to start now.

Read back through my last 1000 + posts and see what evidence you can find of that or any double dealing.

I sometimes I cringe at the things I say about politicians etc, or the spin and or my critical opinionated comments but I don’t deliberately set out to rubbish anyone.

Its my feeling that Thanet Blogging is special because the likes of ECR, Simon Moores, Bertie Biggles, Peter Checksfield, Michael Child and my apologies for omissions, its just a pity that Eastcliff has decided to relieve himself on Thanet Bloggers reputation

You be the judge, but keep it to yourself, this one unlike ECR himself is strictly no comment.