Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ignorance of the facts – Baroness Scotland gets Gordon Browns support

For what its worth and it can’t be much Baroness Scotland has apparently got off without having to resign from government and has Gordon Browns support.

Now forgive me for my limited knowledge of the law, but I’ve always heard that ignorance of the law is no excuse, so I’m a bit perplexed that Baroness Scotland is able to pay a fine and not have to resign for her “technical breach” in employing illegally her Tongan housekeeper.

Admittedly ignorance of the facts is something slightly different and a crime I’m often accused in writing this blog, how many are currently languishing in prison simply because they’ve been found with property they didn’t know belonged to someone else, purely a “technical breach”.

Baroness Scotland should resign plain and simple.

In 2009 after 12 years of Labour its still possible and happens that people go to prison for non payment of council tax and yet Labour MP’s have larged it up on expenses and now this. Labour looks an awful lot like the tories they replaced.


  1. This is essentially the same issue, concerning Inquest Law, as retaining a Police constable in the police after he has been convicted of criminal conspiracy whlst sworn as on officer of the Crown.

    Pc Burgess of Thanet.

    In the case of a constable what happens at Inquest ?

    Do you suspect foul play ?

    (On my honour) I do not.

    Once a liar always a liar. That inquest would not be worth one spit in the wind.

    Now in Inquest appeal. The Attorney General is "Absolute Secret Custodian of Public Interest".

    The Attorney General controls which inquest appeals are permitted to access High Court.

    A quasi judicial power. Govt underming the independence of judiciary. But nonetheless a power govt has.

    A power that Baroness Scotland should wield ?

    What would happen if there was an appeal in say the Dr David Kelly case ? Perhaps that UK had breached Minnesota Protocol, that the inquest suffered insufficiency of inquiry etc.

    If Baroness Scotland were to say no the WMD scientist death don't get examined in open court ... would you trust that decision ?

    She has to go.

  2. It was the twenty year anniversary of the Deal Royal Marines Barracks bombing yesterday.

    The former Garrison Commander was interviewed on TV and broke a twenty year silence about how he had written many letters of concern about security before and after the bombing.

    But the man is still blubbering on about area and wide open etc.

    The bomb was INSIDE the recreation block you dullard Colonel. Who had access to the keys ? Who had access to the block ?

    Nonetheless it is interesting to know that Kent Police have been lying to me for twenty years. There were other security concerns raised eh Chief constable ?

    I better write to the Attorney General about insufficiency of inquiry of the inquests ....