Monday, August 14, 2006

Government react to the Muslim letter

I thought it was just me, that found the letter telling the Prime Minister, what to do, from various Muslim worthies and organisations, irrational, irritating and irresponsible but it seems that government ministers, are also a little upset as well. My main concern is that the letter, sent at this time of heightened terrorist threat was wholly inappropriate as well as naive (see my posting from this Saturday).

I have the same respect for Muslims, as I have for Christians, Jews, Hindus Buddhists etc I'm sure you get the picture. The thing is that I however do not subscribe to any religion, organised or otherwise, therefore I have a healthy disrespect of religious leaders, with political views. In common with many people I really do not give a flying toss, what religion, race or nationality anyone is because it does not matter to me.

What I do care about, are people coming from a religious background who then in a sanctimonious, and superior manner, start lecturing me on politics etc.
The government should treat these people in the same way I would treat a Jehovah's witness, who came knocking at my door at an in appropriate time, that is tell them where to go and slam the door in their face.

At the risk of offending, I think it is time for religious groups to stop being paranoid, get on with their lives, stop trying to impose your values and realise that for the moment Britain is still a free democratic and liberal society, long may it continue.

Hopefully we will always live in a liberal society, but this could be put at risk, when religious groups show no respect for the society they live in, and seem to want to fundamentally change what is traditionally a humane and Christian society.


  1. Good post Tony - couldn't agree more. Try this tactic with the religious people knocking on your door (we have more than one group recruiting here)....ask them for their home address and say "as soon as I finish dinner I'll be happy to come by your home and sit and chat about your religion." Works for me. Also I enjoyed Sam Harris' "An Atheist Manifesto" (tho I'm not quite there yet) on Truthdig..he has some great points about all the major religions.

  2. Ah yes, the humble Jehovah's Witnesses. Had three of them on my doorstep the other day. Young kid, middle aged and old. They love the diversity bit.

    I have no problems with people choosing to be religious, as long as its not impeding on my choice not to believe. Unfortunately I chickened out from making that point and got a couple of pamphlets handed to me with the promise of returning some evening. I couldnt make out which one because the door had closed by then and I wasnt really listening.

    Perhaps if I confess I do politics they'll never return as Im clearly beyond salvation...

    Im tempted to spring some questions on them Jeremy Paxman style next time they come round. Either that or inform them of all the evils of the world and end with "And God did this because he loves us! What a psycho!" silently shutting the door and walking away. If they are going to waste my time, Im gonna have some fun with it!

  3. James, a few questions to ask a JW!

    They said the end would come in 1914, 1915,1918,1924, 1954 and 1975 so why are we still here? If you want to be really clever, use Deuteronomy 18:20-22 (it talks about the flase prophets) and i find it hilarious, especially when the come out with "We have had 'NEW LIGHT' since then!" I then go into detail of why they wouldnt get it wrong if they were following the true God, which they claim to.
    I love it, and more can be found at or for an Elder IN THANET who ripped guy off big time go to