Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Thanet news
I purchased my copy of the Thanet Times, this morning at around 6am, noting how light the paper was I checked the masthead (the bit at the top), to see if this was some special airmail edition, but no this was the genuine article all 48 pages, that works out at a penny a page with the last eight free.

The content of the paper is quite good, the stories are quite varied and unlike some of its rivals it is not packed out with advertising supplements, so really its good value.

I must say having seen some of our local hacks, at local meetings recently taking notes, I felt sorry for them, wondering how they would craft, something readable out of traffic flows, Margate renewal, local plan, Paul Carters vision for Kent. It put me in mind of one of the vilest abuses at school (not cross country running), this was the requirement on Mondays to write an essay entitled ''my weekend news'', after an hour the page would be as blank as my mind, most teachers I had, just accepted this but there was one particular teacher who would insist, that I stand up and read my essay, knowing the page was blank, if this person were alive today and maybe they are I would like them to give me an essay entitled memorable ''public meetings held this week'' and make them stand, read aloud in front of an audience consisting of local journalists, councillors, angry residents and middle-aged smart asses like myself.

My only disappointment, with our local press is that I have not seen a detailed in-depth report on any of these meetings.
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