Sunday, August 06, 2006

Wild boar roam Britain once more
This isn't a report about me, but a story from Reuters about wild boar in the West Country click here, last week I had the pleasure of visiting the West country, camping behind a pub which my sister had recommended in order to join a birthday party. I had been told that the facilities were clean but basic, this was only partially true certainly the facilities were basic.

It had taken nearly 30 years to persuade me to go back to camping, now I see I could be sharing a rain soaked field with wild boar I shall look for a TraveLodge. Still camping remains a very reasonable economic proposition for seeing the country a four-man tent in Tesco's under 30 quid, it's suggested (my wife ) that we should go to France (don't they have rabies, and wild boar) for the weekend, wild rabid bore (now that could be me).

Red Lion at Draycott near Cheddar on the road to Wells v. good lunch week last Saturday

Cheddar Gorge
one of natures natural car parks
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  1. Enjoyed the camping/boar story. Not a fan of camping myself - give me a nice hotel with room service please!

    Thought I left a comment b/4 but it didn't show. If there's 2 from me excuse my technical disability.