Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Margate blogger in health scare
after ignoring Ladyman's advice

Last Friday instead of my normal breakfast of either sausage rolls and Scotch eggs or alternatively two sausage egg Mcmuffins. I had what I considered a healthy option, a couple of cheese rolls. As I was chomping through this rather meagre breakfast, I was reading the usually irritating opinion of Ladyman's Thanet, which I felt was the usual old Labour tosh, telling me, that my health problems were all my fault and that I should do something about it, so that Gordon Brown can give my money to someone more deserving presumably.

This pious attitude, is typical of the nanny state, the attitude that we all should live blameless lives. I certainly admit to over indulgence where eating is concerned, but where does this advice cease, for instance should Mr Ladyman be driving in the manner described recently in our tabloids (for instance is he aware of the carnage possible should he lose control of his vehicle at 90 miles an hour). This argument that we should modify our lives, is acceptable when given by health professionals but coming from government ministers just annoying.

Anyway as these thoughts were milling around my head, I was aware as I had been the previous couple of days of slight indigestion, any how during the day I also got flu-like aches and pains, when I got home that night I went straight to bed only to wake up with a high temperature and mild chest pains around about nine pm. Anyway I sought medical advice, and ended up at Margate Hospital (also known as the Q E Q M by lovers of the Royal family), the upshot was that after X-rays, electrocardiogram, blood tests I emerged on a Saturday afternoon, having seen five doctors some nurses and technicians with advice I have since taken i e lose weight and the reassuring news that there was no sign of damage to my heart.

Medical advice, from doctors, I will take, but not from politicians. Since Saturday I have not consumed one sausage roll, despite the convenience of being able to eat one at 90 miles an hour, on my way to work.

Just as a side issue, can someone explain to me why Ginsters sausage rolls are so expensive, at the new service station at Monkton (Paid £1.75 I think, good as they are, it's enough to give you a heart attack).

These Labour types have a cheek, most people have their vices or bad habits we just have to live with it.

I would prefer not to use the NHS, but would just make the comment that it has improved out of all recognition under Labour since I last required their services breaking a metatarsal at Alton Towers some years ago. Did notice rather a lot of drunks being it admitted, should they be treated I think so.


  1. Ladyman is a former representative for the Government for Health. He knows what hes talking about....honest!

  2. Gee Tony - that was a scary trip to the hospital! It's darn hard to give up the food you love.

  3. im almost to weak to reply get me a burger some one

  4. Funny how if I lay in bed at home I'll put weight on but when I laid in bed for 3-weeks in hospital I lost three quarters of a stone. .

  5. Last time I was in hospital, to get a new truss fitted, all they had on offer was a vendng machine full of crisps and chocolates. I ate so many I had to go back for a refit the following month.