Thursday, August 03, 2006

Public meetings

Until February of this year, I often wondered what sort of person goes to public meetings (now I know fat middleaged people and politicians). Since the start of this year I have attended three such functions, all of which have been different in their own way.
This being the first day this week, that I have not been either travelling to and from work or working in excess of 13 hours, I thought I would wind down by attending a public meeting at the Hoverspeed club at Manston, well I wish I hadn't bothered as it took more than twenty minutes to locate the Venue. The subject was the new housing estate to be built at Westwood.
Roger Gale and Sandy Ezekiel were in attendance fending off impertinent questions concerning the traffic situation around Westwood. Fortunately for them there appeared to be a senior officer from Thanet council fielding many questions with highly detailed and interesting replies on the technicalities of planning (this made my day).
I must say the public were pretty unanimous in apportioning the blame for our traffic woes, at the council, me included although I can see the economic benefit that we have derived from Westwood Cross and convenience of having major stores within Thanet. But the traffic is an intolerable problem, mainly because we are so lazy and cannot give up our cars, still we want the convenience so right or wrong I feel we need to maintain the pressure on our local politicians elected or otherwise until we get all we want.
Incidentally I may have been hallucinating, but it would appear that the closed road at Victoria traffic lights is now open again.

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  1. I work at one of the shops at the Victoria Lights and Ive heard a lot of complaints of traffic ignoring the diversions and turning right off of College Road. I was nearly hit by a car turning right off Beatrice Ave which decided that indicating wasnt for them. The traffic situation is a mess and needs action to be taken as soon as possible. Wheres the local leadership? Does someone else need to lose their life to make something happen?

    Unfortunately I hear that due to the less than speedy work done on that part of College Road, they will be returning to College Road to finish the job. They left the signs at the Victoria Lights after re-opening it. Sorry, but this isnt the last weve heard of the Coffin Corner Road Works...