Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thanet council does the right thing!
According to a BBC Kent news item, a house in Sweyn Road, Cliftonville, has been shut down after complaints about anti-social behaviour of tenants. Apparently the property was in an appalling state, and councillor Ingrid Spencer was quoted as saying ''we will not let rogue landlords drag the area down'' the "we", presumably being the local government.

This action was apparently taken under new legislation allowing councils to impose emergency prohibitions under the Housing Act 2004, the tenants have been rehoused.

The report however, does not go on to explain whether or not there will be any penalty for the landlord, it does however suggest that the owner may convert the property into flats or sell up.

It's important in Thanet to protect tenants as parts of this area such as Margate, have a large transient population, much of which is made up of a vulnerable migrant community, and whether or not we approve, of unrestricted migration, these people require protection from those who would exploit them either by providing poor accommodation or poor wages.

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