Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Liberals recruiting in Margate
are they aiming too high?

Recently I thought I would checkout the North Thanet Liberal Party, just to see what they had on offer. You know the sort of thing, I wondered what sort of interest they had concerning Margate, indeed whether they had any views on the Turner Gallery or Thanets local plan.

Well the best I could come up with was an entry on their website expressing the desire to recruit new members in Margate by having Ming Campbell, speak at the Winter Gardens, some ambition, just imagine the scene of the great orator lecturing the people of Margate, of course such a meeting would be more suited to a pub.

Ming Campbell or Minger as I've heard him referred to, seems to have contributed little, to the advancement of the liberal cause, unlike his predecessor Charles Kennedy, who despite his illness at least appeared to have some charisma and populist skills unlike Campbell. Frankly I think the Liberals could do worse than get Charles Kennedy back in charge. It was suggested at the time of Charles Kennedy's retirement as a leader of the Liberals that Mr Campbell had somehow been involved in his removal. It's a pity since that occasion apart from taking up the leadership he has yet to impress the public or advance the cause for liberals at all.

I think it is time that, the Liberal Party said goodbye to Mr Campbell. And if wishing to see their current leader speak, at the Winter Gardens, is the summit of the Thanet North liberals ambition, then it will be a long time before liberals recruit in this area.

What I gleaned, from their website is that their, attention is mainly on Herne Bay and the Canterbury, pity really it would be nice to have more choice.

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  1. With the North Thanet Lib Dems being based in Beltinge, I cant see too much happening. It seems that the Lib Dems think they have more than one Councillor in Thanet. To correct the chairman they only have one Councillor in Thanet and hes in South Thanet for Bradstowe ward (Cllr Emmes). He also votes with Labour at every vote.

    As for policy and talking on big issues, I remember Guy Voizey complaining about the environmental impact of the Westwood Estate. Thats it.

    Campbell is pretty much wasted there. Everyone knows hes just a caretaker leader. Either they should bring back Charles Kennedy, or go to the next generation. The risk of that though is that they are Orange Bookers, and the Lib Dems wont be very distinctive in that case.