Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Turner Gallery update

Some time last week, I contacted KCC to inquire how things were progressing on the Turner Gallery, just to see if there would be any local input in the choice of architects, and was given the impression that KCC knew best in this regard, however I was reassured to be told that local people would be consulted on the final design. At this point I lost firstly my interest in subject, and secondly the will to live.

Today out of the blue, I was contacted by one of the higher profile participants in the Turner contemporary project, apparently in reply to my telephone conversation of last week. Unfortunately I wasn't able to fully concentrate on the conversation, as I was driving in South London at the time (rather badly in a white van sort of way, as it happens but hands* & brains** free), the main gist of the conversation was the reaffirmation that there would be a consultation process with the Architects David Chipperfield.

Now I have looked at the KCC press release, which does mention that the public will be fully engaged with, but as yet I have not seen a timetable for this consultation or the process that might be gone through. Still as part of the success of this project depends on local approval, lets hope they get this part of the project right, and then the construction.

Still consulting the public, could be a dangerous thing as in my case I will be unhappy unless the design incorporates lots of flashing multi-coloured neon lights, and acres of perspex with perhaps a replica ice and lolly on the roof and maybe a bucket-and-spade as well.

*phone **voice

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