Monday, August 07, 2006

Home secretary opens migration debate.
John Reid, has opened the debate on migration by stating "We have to get away from this daft so-called politically correct notion that anybody who wants to talk about immigration is somehow a racist." I feel that this is a little overdue since government figures conclude that 374,555 from eight nations - including 228,235 Poles have registered for work between May 2004 and March this year.
Working people like myself are now competing with migrants who in the main are taking low-paid jobs, I can appreciate how the ruling classes in this country have chosen not to debate this situation, because they are the benefactors of easily exploited labour. In fact I was reading one of those columns by some prominent hack in the sun newspaper recently praising hard-working Polish builders whom acknowledged that he would be offending British builders as he considered them to be inferior (this coming from one of those normally pro-British Gotcha type journalists).

Having worked alongside Polish workers I could not in all honesty see any different work ethic or work rate but presumably sun journalists who most likely have never done a day's physical work know best. The only difference, that I found was an inability to communicate in clear English (I can just sense accusations of bigotry), in my industry you have to understand safety briefings, and be able to clearly communicate. This however does not stop companies employing migrants, why? because they are cheap and no other reason .
At the end of the day Mr Reid, is a little late in allowing us to have this debate, amongst working people the debate has raged for some time unbeknownst to the professional middle classes, politicians etc, and the conclusion is quite clear the sole effect of uncontrolled migration is resulting in exploitation of those migrants to the detriment of local people, as a result of living standards are being affected.
The ruling classes will have their debate but the unfortunate thing for those at the lower end of the food chain, is that our incomes are already affected, the professional classes can witter on about migrant workers having a better work ethic but this is an erroneous suggestion and is made to salve their conscience when they buy cheap labour.
One other aspect of unrestricted migration, is the severe distortion to local economies such as ours. Only now are the professional classes, considering the implications of housing, education, health and employment unfortunately working people have already, had to deal with lower pay, accommodation etc.
Still it's nice to see professionals and politicians beginning to patronise ordinary people by allowing debate on such a sensitive topic.


  1. Hi Tony - The immigration debate is raging here too. Most of it centers on the role illegals have in taking a variety of jobs. Unfortunately what's happened is the govt goes after the illegals rather than the companies who hire them which seems backwards in my mind.

    Then we have the problem of huge corporate tax breaks for companies that are shipping jobs overseas....make sense to you?

  2. I think the malaise on this subject goes deeper than that. Uncontrolled immigration has undoubtedly added to the difficulties of areas such as Cliftonville and Margate high street and their transitary populations. Mr Reids announcement also sits very uncomfortably with the Times story yesterday of government ministers seeking to introduce conract compliance on firms seeking government contracts for quotas on ethnic minority employment. We have a government that speaks with a very forked tongue onall of these issues, saying things that catch the headlines and the popular mood, but doing things that take legal requirements often in the opposite direction. Mr Reid may state one thing, but immigration amnesty is onthe agenda again... what message does that give out? There is no conflict between offering help to genuine refugees and putting the neeeds of your own population before those of other countries economic migrants - it just requires political will and strong policy.

    Dont hold yopur breath Tony, it will just be another cynical PR exercise from a discredited and dying administration.

    Chris Wells

  3. Having recently been grabbed by the Uranians, I am currently having trouble finding any sympathy for people from outer space coming to live and work here.

  4. Saz- truth is governments all over have officials who just like to ignore the trickie problems

    Chris- Even if its just to welcome our migrant community the government could have had a discussion before now

    Eastcliff- Urainans have landed ??