Monday, September 25, 2006

KCC present
Towards 2010 the movie

Further investigation, with a quick call to KCC and under the interrogation from Bignews Margate (me), my mole, well actually a helpful council officer in their press department, informed me that the cost of KCC's, big-budget Blockbuster Towards 2010, starring Paul Carter as leader of KCC council, and Kaddy Lee-Preston as herself, due for its premiere on Thursday cost £20,000 to produce.

In a rather disappointing, further revelation I understand that the leading man, Paul Carter only appears for roughly 2 minutes of this production. Hopefully we get more input from the hired help Kaddy, and the helicopter.

One final disclosure, is that this, big-budget extravaganza is to be, released on Thursday via the Internet, in a move to thwart profiteering by video piracy, presumably this will be simultaneous with the much awaited world premiere in Maidstone.

It is probably too early to speculate, on whether there will be a sequel, perhaps Towards 2010 a policy to far. Get your popcorn in now.

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