Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas is over?

Christmas is over, well it is at least for this blogger and I think the retail trade, which of course moves us swiftly on to the New Year sales which comprise of real price cuts, for those items that are so hideious that even I didn't think Mrs Me would go for and those items that are sold all year round during for the same price albeit summer or winter.

I trust that everyone has survived Christmas, even the odd family rows, particularly that rather nasty one in Eastenders, what better way to celebrate Christmas than having someone roughed up for Christmas and pushed down the stairs, well done BBC.

Blairs conversion to Catholicism has apparently been a tad controversial with some Catholics, cannot see why, since under his stewardship, we became a catholic country, as Blair was too preoccupied groveling to America, to maintain our borders, possibly the last nail, as we lose our British identity.

Well there are a few other things I'd like write about but , I will be at work today as I was yesterday, a couple of final points I see that I'm now ranked at 148 in Technoranki top blogs list, also I would like to thank Thom whatsit from the Gazette, for giving me a mention last week, I would however point out that I'm a track worker as in railways not a truck driver, this explains why I wear orange hi viz clothing.
As I have limited time excuse any errors of judgement or grammar. Happy New Year.
PS I shall be working on Bignews Margates New Years Honours list over the next few days


  1. That looks very different from the technorati pages I am used to seeing. Care to put up a link?

  2. TECHNORANKI NOT technorati Matt Link is at the bottom of the page.

  3. I thought you might be interested to know that from Churston Heards website ( they are a retail property company) selling retail leases that River Island Ramsgate's store is up for sale there is no sign outside the shop and Millets are not only planning to assign their lease in Queen Street Ramsgate but are planning to close the Westwood Cross Branch as well - their lease is also on the site - I dont think its very good for Thanet's Economy