Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thanet councils office expansion

Well it looks like its moving day for Margate Library, as you will know, Thanet council acquired the Marks & Spencer building a while back, at the time they were frankly clueless with what to do with it. Fortunately it wasn't long before some bright spark had the idea of turning Margate's Library into more office space, for the ever increasing bureaucracy, that is the council.

So for the last few months the Marks & Spencer building has had a use, as temporary home for the library , anyway today its being moved to its new home. Unfortunately it looks like there new home will be the same as the old home except smaller and this time they will have squatters in from Thanet District Council.

Eventually the whole centre of Margate will be set aside for administrators and council "officers", I'm sure that one day Sandy Ezekeil and Richard Samuel chief exec. will be able to stare down from the top of the council buildings and say, all this is ours.

For some strange reason planners at the council have decide to hide and brick up the entrance to the library, hiding the door somewhere round the back of building why, who can tell, maybe someone has a relative, who happens to be a brickie or they just want to make it less attractive to the public.

For the time being they will have a few books presumably until such time as they can freeze the public out.


  1. At the rate they are going there would be a niche opening for a privately run library.

  2. This is really terrible..who on earth wants to share what was a fantastic free resource(books local history etc)with housing benifits etc AND the district are domonating loads of Library space.I am lost for words on this Tony it is outrageous.I feel saddened for the Library staff who did a great job.OOOOO

  3. First rule of the library: Silence.
    Second rule: books must be returned on time.
    Oddly enough the third rule was something to do with bananas (if you can stop spelling it) presumably to distribute the skins at TDC.

  4. Just shows how CLUELESS TDC is about Public NEEDS in Margate!!!!!