Friday, December 21, 2007


I got to meet Mrs me , shortly Bignews and ECR have won Simons Moore Ebay charity auction.
For details refer to Eastcliffe.

Hopefully simon is going to auction off the passenger seat via local radio. Since im to heavy and Eastcliffs to er.. SHOWBIZ



  1. Congrats Tony, bloody marvellous! However, in view of the sad death of a homeless man on Margate Beach last week, why not support the Scrine Foundation who do such wonderful work for Thanet's Homeless? NSPCC were taken to task by Charity Commissioners for spending a vast amount of income on advertising a couple of years ago! They have closed all their homes and act more like a pressure group and put a great deal of money into Advertising Agencies pockets.

  2. Well the original suggestion was for NSPCC and since it was Simon's suggestion, and without him my charity spend would a few coins when and if challenged in the street, I think its not a bad cause.

    As for spending on advertising, its fair enough to criticize, but on the plus side its raised awareness which I would have imagined might well have led to more children being helped so therefore I don't have a problem.

    We all have a favorite charity and but without Simon advertising his very generous offer, NSPCC would I think be a couple of hundred short.

    Well done to Simon.

  3. Well done to all 3 of you and as a minor Thanet blogger I would like to make my minor contribution but none of you has been telling us how. Can you please give instructions?

  4. That's very kind of you "Little Weed". Please send any cheques made out to the "NSPCC Registered Charity" to me at the address on the AIRADS wesite at (details on too) If anyone wishes to send a contribution to the "Scrine Foundation", I'm happy to accept and forward that too!

    Thank you again Tony and everyone else for your wonderful support!

  5. anon 11.53

    I have sent a cheque for a small amount for Simon to pass on to NSPCC.

    But you make a good point. Leonard Cheshire, for example, spend something like 4 million per year on PR. They are subject of a thesis from Dr Laurence Clark of Leeds University (the alternative comedian who does the Jim Davidson parody) which is published on net. This makes telling reading. 80% of the homes unfit for purpose.

    If you look to the Ireland Peace process you can find two charities (Age Concern and Help the Aged) sharing a seat on the human rights convention plans.

    If you look to charities like "Inquest", "British Irish Rights Watch" and "Liberty" you find amongst their charitable objectives "Education". That seems to me to really mean gaining advantage in putting their version of reality across.

    Ms Chakrabarti of Liberty is pretty much guaranteed air time on TV to tell the rest of us what we should think about proposed human rights legislation or reported Court Judgements.

    Some years ago Leonard Cheshire promoted "Enabling the Disabled". Give em a computer prove they can work ? Now the disabled are being enabled to draw less benefits by being classified as available for work !

    I think there is cause for debate and legislation about the role of charity.

    However the charities have to be maintained so that they exist for the democratic will to define their activity. Which should reside on Care not on influence (unless invited such as giving evidence or carrying out research for select committees))

    Merry Christmas.

    PS The Irritating Bloke weighed himself this AM. Twenty stones. Which is kind of a metaphor. Keep it alive it might get better ?