Monday, December 31, 2007

Barking mad

As I mentioned earlier, this week I don't have a lot of time this week to blog but since I have written many thousand words since starting this malarkey I found something that I wrote previously, depressingly relevant, that is something had I had the time I would have written concerning dangerous dogs today.

Also rather disappointingly is the fact that Roger Gale is still a Vice Chairman the Pet Advisory committee, which has this nonsense statement on its website "any legislation should judge the individual dog by its deeds and not its breed " ( I think this is Bollix)

Looking after animal welfare and being kind to animals is one thing and certainly in the Flaig household, Mr Puss is a pretty pampered pet but were he capable of anything more harmful than the occasional superior look of disdain then his status would be in question.

Plain and simple people who keep potentially dangerous dogs are not capable of rational or responsible thought therefore the law should outlaw Rottweillers.

For my previous posting on the
Pet Advisory Committee click here


  1. I couldn't agree more. I'd be all in favour of banning these dogs completely - they serve no useful purpose.

    The owners of such dogs obviously don't see the danger as they often allow the dogs to mix with children. With tragic consequences.

    Locally (Ellington Park) I've heard of such dogs being let off their leads to savage rabbits - it is the owners who are like savages - especially when other park users object.

    There was a very interesting documentary about dangerous dogs on TV a few months ago - showing that these dogs are only bred and kept for fighting and will always be a danger.

    There is a debate to be had as to whether dog fighting is wrong - it is illegal in our country (& most of Europe, I think). They fight to the death with horrific injuries - this is their instinct. I think this is cruel and the people who derive pleasure from watching such activities must be barbaric thugs. These are the people who keep these pets.

    As for the Pet Advisory Committee -
    You may know that there are some interesting cases of children being lost and reared by wide animals - eg. the WOLF children. We would not advocate that all wolves should be judged by their actions - we judge them by their breed and throughout the world people do not keep wolves as domestic pets, people do not let their children play with wolves, tigers, gorillas, etc....

  2. Ban them now; crazy having dogs like those around children at home and in parks!

  3. Had to do a double take there. I thought you were making a joke with a deliberate non sequitur by arguing specifics from generalisations but no I did read correctly.

    While on this topic why not ban the bull dog, the pit-ball, the pointer, the hound dog, the German Shepperd, golden retrievers boxers, bull terriers and Alsatians - each and every bread was created for violence. Of course not all of those breads is any longer able to even thing "bad thoughts" let alone carry them out. But I am sure that is another story.

  4. Matt B
    ban them all - not a bad idea!
    Infact - why are the human species keeping animals for amusement?

    I recently read somewhere that the way 'we' use animals is akin to the slave trade.
    just as the slave trade is now a thing of the past, some of the ways we use animals are predicted (by a minority) to end within my/ my son's life time - eg vivisection, meat eating.

    There may be a role for working dogs (perhaps) - but pets is a strange notion to me.

    from Mrs T P - Is she serious???

  5. A few years ago the press whipped up a fenzy of fear about domestic gas explosions. It was found that, for the period of press attention, there was a lower number of incidents than usually occurred.

    The potentially most dangerous dog, against a fit adult human, is a powerful chocolate labrador. Because with the mouth at the diameter of an adult limb its bite strength is greater than an Alsatian, Dobermann and Rottweiler put together !!

  6. My pet shark would eat a labrador for breakfast.