Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ex-con in denial?

Johnathan Aitken former MP who bought disgrace upon himself and the Tory party with his rusty sword of truth (which turned out to be a pack of lies), crops up once again in the public eye, on page eight of today's Kentish Saturday Observer.

This time he is dishing out advice, on prison, whilst at the same time admitting to being a supporter of Conrad Black, the former owner of the telegraph news paper caught helping himself to share holder assets.

Its strikes me that both of these characters, share a couple of things, supreme arrogance and a private education.

Not surprisingly Mr Aitken, thinks that Conrad Blacks sentence is too long at six and half years, despite Blacks helping himself to many millions of dollars, of share holders money, similarly Aitken probably thinks his telling a few porkies, was of no consequence.

Well its clear to me, that Aitken got off lightly, serving only 7 months for his obscene attempt to pervert justice in the blatant way he did.

I think their is a lesson for all us here, and this is it, there's one law for us at the bottom of the food chain, and another for Tory Toffs and the like.

Finally I think when Aitken admits to himself and the rest of us that his perjury was not some minor misdemeanor but a serious crime, then he'll be able to give advice.


  1. Boring old Labour obsession with 'Tory Sleaze'! Find a new angle Tony.
    I suppose it helps to divert attention from 10 years of money grubbing impropriety from the Labour Party not to mention 'crusing' by ministers or bonking by Deputy Prime ministers.
    At least Aitken went to prison and justice was done.

  2. If you want sleaze take a gander at those clowns in Maidstone who happen I think to be Tories.

    Don't make the mistake of thinking I'm some apologist for Labour, to my mind in many respects their every bit as flawed as our Conservative politicians particularly as far as abusing workers and surrendering border controls.

  3. It does seem unwise of him to have publicly spoken up on this issue but given that I am a human being and prone to foolish error I will reserve judgment at this stage.

  4. Aitken is a strange fellow. His various forays into journalism, his new found Christianity, even his Rusty Sword of Truth all speak of a chap who is determined to get to the bottom of things. Apparently he even funded a leftish satirical magazine during his good old days in Thanet.

    On balance, though, I think my old newsreading chum Anna Ford got it right when she chucked that glass of wine in his mush.

  5. Aitken is a complex character.

    But, chips down, better him at your shoulder than Steve Ladyman.

    He helped a lot of people in South Thanet (including striking miners in 84)

    Unlike his successor who rules out doing anything if the matter is not one for which he could seek an answer in the house.