Monday, December 17, 2007

Council Tax may go up

That's the astonishing claim from this weeks Kent on Sunday,which seems a tad naive but when you delve into the the article below, this is qualified, when it becomes apparent that Paul Carter (Conservative Leader) and his big spending pals in Maidstone, will not be able to contain the counties budget below 5% increase, now there a surprise (whats new, nothing it seems).

You can understand since, multiple junkets, sorry correction business trips like fifty plus to America this summer, top brass like Alex King Deputy Leader (Con) to Virginia I think, to negotiate god knows what at the highest levels, result so far apparently in er jack .....

Oh and Kent TV, with its fascination with Tory cabinet member, freemasons and very few normal types like me. Bus passes for rich kids in Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells etc

Who knows what initiatives, Paul Carter and his highly competent mates will come up with this year, one things for certain it won't come cheap.

Just in passing well done to Kent on Sunday for winning best free newspaper in the world I think. Kent on Sunday is a real sucess and I must say that their local papers like Your Thanet are not bad either again well done.

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