Friday, December 07, 2007

Things that might be left unsaid


This blogging business is time consuming, even when its the ranting however well consider of a middleaged git.

There are several topics I would like to cover but unfortunately I have other fish to fry this weekend, such as police (acknowledging their workload)pay increase being held back, upsetting as it is the fact that its being delayed, might like to console themselves that they are not facing competition from the east such as those of us in mainly manual roles such as construction and even in my world.

I would like to expand on the influence of Kents large sums of wonger into the media world, I could mention my discussion with the BBC top dog who thought, bbc coverage of this topic was adequate. It will be interesting to see if Kent on Sunday titles make any mention particularly as they supply news to Kent TV. If I had time I would research how many media personnel moonlight on Kent council media communications jobs.

On the Kent TV thing I spoke with a busy top er knob RE your money promoting freemasonry, the upshot was that it was suggest I make a film for Kent TV, on suggesting a bit of dosh this character got even more busy, obviously so many meeting s and not enough time in the day.

As for Thanet councils chopping money to local museum this short sighted penny pinching, best have a lie down.

Nice to see that after all those gazillions spent on the marks & Spencer building and the best thanet can come up with is as temporary home for turner contemporary.

Finally as I type these random thoughts I see Mike Fuller chief copper for kent speaking out on the police deal, I suggest he keeps to crime rather than politics.

This has not been honed to my usual near incoherent perfection and needs some revisions. I dont have time to edit so this is as good as it gets

One final thought if someone giving their own money to Labour is sleaze just what is a local authority spending 6500000 pounds on advertising Tory S.....?

Enjoy the weekend DISCUSS



  1. The TC crowd are in the M & S site (bought and paid for by Council taxpayers via TDC)bl**dy rent free!!! No money available to support our museum though!

  2. Just to dispel any urban myths about the M&S site, TDC have not bought it, nor, by definition, do they own it.

    My understanding is that the Council has entered into an option to purchase, alongside a short-term lease. This gives the Council control of the site, which is key to the re-development of central Margate, for which developers proposals are now invited.

    This is not an unusual arrangement. Tesco, for example, owns the land for the new Thanet College, but the College has a purchase option, so securing the land until the deal can be completed.

    Cllr Ewen Cameron

  3. Thanks Cllr Ewen for that information. You couldn't tell us how much the lease is could you so that we could compare the 'rent free' deal for the ersatz Turner set up compared to withdrawing subsidy to the museums? Is there embarrassment at TDC at last about employing a Director of a Gallery that doesn't exist for more than 5 years and a curator of a collection in a gallery that doesn't exist yet, since January? Is this embarrassment so great that you have to let them 'do something' at M & S?

  4. That's a fair question, 10:32. I will refresh all the details (I confess I cannot remember the fine bones of the deal struck) and post back when I have them.

    I have to correct you on one point. TDC does not employ anyone directly concerned with the Turner Contemporary, nor has it in the past, nor is it funding it.

    Cllr Ewen Cameron