Sunday, December 23, 2007


As you will know I'm not a christian, thank er ... SANTA , anyway I would just like to thank all my readers and fellow Thanet Bloggers for their comments or not over the last year or so, I'd remind you that you pay nothing for this excellent blog (Please note their are some even better ones available from the Thanet Blog list) and that Simon Moores is still raising money see Thanet Life so if you've enjoyed reading this over the year you have till 5pm today to make your mark.

I might not be able to blog any more, this year, it depends whether Mrs Me imposes martial law or not.

I would like wish a happy Xmas and new year to those who have encourage me in my primitive style of writing, readers, those I've worked with , friends, and family but not surprisingly none of them read this.


  1. A very merry Christmas to you too, Tony, and to all here. Let's hope for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2008 for everyone (and enjoy your flight!).

    With regards

    Ewen Cameron

  2. Happy Christmas Tony, and thanks for keeping me informed, amused and occasionally annoyed with Big News; much appreciated .

  3. Happy Christmas Tony, yours is definitely one of the best Thanet blogs that I have enjoyed for some time, I hope you don’t have to stop it.

    Mrs me and me think that if the likes of you and the other Thanet bloggers don’t keep trying to get local things done sensibly which really means spending a lot of time writing to councillors, drawing peoples attention to things on blogs and websites we will wind up without towns.

    We haven’t come up with a name for what you call a town without leisure facilities, shops, schools, museum etc. any ideas?

  4. Merry Christmas Tony, and best wishes for 2008! Do feel free to pop round to my cliff top mansion for a glass of Krug if Mrs Me grants you an exeat!

  5. And Seasons Greetings to you all.

    We may have, and surely will, cross swords, but at least we are all doing our best for Thanet and the people therein.

    Look forward to a great year in 2008
    \Ken Gregory

  6. We went for a cup of tea at the harbour specially just so we could catch this historic flight - which we did - she-who-must-not-wait-too-long-in-the-cold-for-pointless-things was reasonably tolerant, and my camera went on strike, so I missed the shot, but got the message. Well done Tony, ECR and Simon and festive greetings back at y'all.

  7. Thanks Tony. I enjoy your blog, Margate would be poorer without you (Okay so it can't get much poorer but you get the drift). Keep up the good work you and the other bloggers out there.