Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Taking a flyer

If you read Eastcliff Richard's blog regularly, you may well have noted a couple of strands on his post refering to Simon Moore's (of Thanet Life) generous offer posted on his blog site and also Ebay offering the chance of having a banner towed behind his plane, with a message chosen by the winning bidder.

ECR commented on the fact that this offer had lapsed (apparently back up on Ebay click here), since the minimum bid had not be received I commented the minimum was not unreasonable and would be prepared to go halves, to which ECR added a few more comments now I didn't pick up on this strand or rather comments till yesterday again( I work weekends constantly change shifts and write this stuff).

So I gave him a ring (ECR), once I passed through security, the man himself deigned to listen for three minutes, just while his man servant, prepared him another G & T before Dinner. I repeated my offer and he is also agreeable going halves.

Simon Moores put this offer up on EBay, now since I have not had chance to contact him so this is all a bit presumptuous. I shall try to get hold of him.

Any how since along with Simon Moores, ECR myself and other Bloggers in Thanet provide , you lot, the reading public with many thousands of words of misinformation, opinionated self indulgence and in my case just middleaged ranting perhaps those of you who get this all for free could consider dipping into your pocket.

Whatever the outcome I shall give 75 quid to Simon for the NSPCC. Incidently having read his blog since starting this post I see its still available, so if your one of my regular FAT CAT readers put something back and place a bid.
Obiviously the opening bid of £150 is what it says, and hopefully someone out their could well offer more.
Its easy to critise people in the public life, but this is clearly a generous offer from someone who pioneered Thanet Blogging for "johnny come latelys" like me and er ....


  1. Thanet blogging is still in it's earliest infancy so "pioneered" seems a bit strong.

    We heathens always have something to moan about don'tcha know.

    However a good ol' British whip-a-round for a good cause is a good idea.

  2. He has a piece on site now asking for the donations payable to NSPCC to be sent to his business address.

    I have posted a cheque there.