Tuesday, December 18, 2007


"you scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot"

Just how else could you react to Radio 1's decision to censor, the classic Pogues & Kirsty McColl "Fairy tale of New York" to hack to pieces a Christmas favourite of mine and probably the majority of the country.

The following are quotes from the bbc's own report

But sister station Radio 2 said it would play the track uncut, and Mr Parfitt subsequently said that after "careful consideration", the ban on the uncut version of the song would be lifted.

"The BBC had said that an edited version would be played because "some members of the audience might find it offensive". #

"However, veteran gay rights activist Peter Tatchell said Radio 1's original actions were right.
"The word faggot is being sung as an insult, alongside scumbag and maggot. In this abusive context it is unacceptable," he said. "

As someone for whom christmas is just so much commercial trash this classic, gives me a warm glow of realitiy in a desert of unreal hyped up expectation. Ive heard this song a hundred times and never once thought that it had anything to do with homosexuals, maybe Peter Tatchell (I asume he must be an american since I know a faggot happens to be a sort of meatlball ) should er come out more often, INTO THE REAL WORLD. What a ****** ! Get a life.

BBC news story


  1. I like this song better. Should buskers be allowed to play this in public places?

    (to the tune of jingle bells)

    That time of the year is almost on us
    When department stores will cheat and con us
    And try to steal our money from us
    It's Christmas time, of course!

    And who's that fat and jolly bloke
    With the long white beard and the bright red cloak
    Who'll do his best to send us broke
    It's Santa Bloody Claus

    Who's going to make us destitute?
    It's not Gordon Brown in a funny suit
    It's Santa Bloody Claus

    And who's that kind and friendly chap
    Who takes screaming kids upon his lap
    And promises the little brats
    Presents to pacify 'em

    He's a generous soul is old Saint Nick
    But not too hot at arithmetic
    But he doesn't care, the selfish prick
    He doesn't have to buy 'em

    Who's the man that parents loathe?
    Cos his credit card's on overload
    It's Santa Bloody Claus

    Who'll make us eat and over-indulge?
    Til our eyes pop and our stomachs bulge
    It's Santa Bloody Claus

    So when you hear the sound of a reindeer's hoof
    As it lands and craps upon your roof
    Your chimney isn't Santa-proof
    You'd better run because...

    If you don't then before you'll know
    You'll be up to your arse in mistletoe
    And then you'll hear ho-ho-ho-ho
    It's Santa Bloody Claus

    Who'll persuade us to bankrupt ourselves?
    Sod him, his reindeer and his elves
    It's Santa F***ing Claus

    ...by Eric Bogle, and a real live English musician's adjustments.

  2. I thought a faggot was a piece of wood? I would have taken exception to queer or poofter though.

  3. Well actually I have a green cloak.

    The idea it is red is because of early twentieth century marketing by Coca Cola.

  4. anon 10:09 not bad but not as good as the subject of this post.

    anon 04:50 I genuinely had never considered the america slang term as having any implcation, since its not sung by yanks.

    Santa, green cloak you may have but I think I prefer the Coca Cola colours myself, I also beleive that the american store Macy's (on 34th st. NYC) have a large part to play in modern myths as in Miracle on 34th Street.

    Santa I dont beleive in any god and particularly not that one with no sense of humour, so if you could bung a few quid my way, it would be much appreciated oh and sort out world pvoverty and all other nasty things in this world.

  5. "Faggot" is a term of abuse used against gays in the US. It is as offensive as the terms you mention, Anon 04.50, and which you say you would reject.

    The music industry is pretty international, so I don't think the nationality of the performer is relevant at all.

    "Nigger" was used more in the US than the UK as an insult against blacks, but we would all regard it as wholly unacceptable - wouldn't we?

  6. The use of the term faggot as an offensive one to gays, I believe, stems from the Nazi era, when gays were used to light fires (as a replacement for the faggots of wood traditionally used to light fires to burn witches and heretics) in early holocaust executions.

    That being said, and it is truly horrible, there are many words in many songs that insult or attack others, and we are I fear in danger of becoming a rather over prissy society in our use of language. I find the point about the word nigger above interesting. It is not so long ago the word was obliterated from the language for fear of giving offence - yet is still commonly used by the afro-carribean community about each other, so clearly has many meanings in differing circumstances!

    Just some musings to avoid more christmas wrapping up.....

  7. Sadly, not all of us. Word acceptance
    is a changing business and seems to change like fashion. Queer and poof were words that were used in a derogatory sense in the 60s and yet they are now used by gays in an accepted way. It is not the word that is evil it is the intent in its use perhaps?

  8. I think you're right, Anon 12.10. When a word is used, and acknowledged, as an insult and a deliberate offence, we ought to think carefully about discouraging - or "banning" - its use. That is the key here.

    That is quite different from being overly "prissy",Chris Wells.

  9. I have to agree with Chris that we have become too prissy also anon 12:10 is bang on with "It is not the word that is evil it is the intent in its use perhaps?"

    Just to add further offense to those of a delicate nature, this Peter Tatchell, seems to me to have made a whole political career out of a particular sexuality. I'll be honest, homosexual lifestyles are alien to me but that does not encourage me to be abusive toward gays.

    When I start seeing hetrosexuals start whingeing about how society perceive them, I'll take the likes of Mr Tatchell seriously.

    People are what they are the fact that I and maybe Mr Tatchell find each others lifestyle alien does not matter a toss.

  10. People have said before on your blog, Tony Flaig, that being gay is not a lifestyle choice. Your persistence in arguing that it is says quite a lot about your views. It does matter a toss to those - gays - who have suffered significant discrimination because of their sexuality. I do not agree wth everything Peter Tatchell says or does, but I'm glad he's there.

  11. You know what anon 21 10:10 I knew I would get that comment, and my thought was so ****ing what being gay is a natural occurence, not one I share or even begin to understand, but that's life, I don't discriminate against, I don't fear and frankly I don't care.

    And if you could read on this occaision I refer to homosexual lifestyles which is a fair use since homosexuals do things differently. So as not confuse any more I did not say CHOICE re read.

    Frankly I do have difficulty with certain gay activists not because they are gay or whatever the term is, but because their sexuality seems to colour their whole life, I recall a famous gay writer for the Times complain because not all stewards on British Airways were gay, had this been a male hetro suggesting the were to many gay stewards, one could only imagine the outrage.

    Finaly I find gays who think they are some underclass worthy of special indulgence as offensive as blokes who constantly make sexual references in a preditory way and think women are some sort of commodity. Being gay or hetro does not make you special end of.

    That is all I have to say on this subject for now have a nice christmas that includes all of any preference.

  12. 10.10, Happy Christmas. We all have choice. The modern gay argument that being gay is not a question of choice but genetics, may apply to some but not all. Let me draw your attention to Julius Ceaser who had a reputation for being a womaniser but on the other hand was lampooned for being the 'entered' party in a homo-sexual affair. How much of his lifestyle was choice?
    The problem with the argument you peddle is that you automatically label the gay in the role of poor misfortunate creatures living with a handicap that is not their choice but an affliction to be borne stoically. Be GAY and be proud of it as a CHOICE!

  13. Tony Flaig, there is a world of difference between being the subject of specific and often damaging discrimination, as gays have been, and "think[ing] they are some underclass worthy of special indulgence". You seem to put all gays into the latter category - wrongly.

    If you have correctly quoted and interpreted the Times journalist, then I would agree with you his views were misguided. Sadly, you seem to base your opinions on such "utter rubbish", as some of your blogging friends would call it. Do a bit more research, and you may learn.

    Sadly, you express immoderate, ill-informed views and then say "but I don't give a toss...couldn't care less" etc. Fine, your blog, but all you are really doing is signalling your non-acceptance of homosexuality.

    Merry Christmas to you too. Heteros are ok, just missing out!

  14. One Voice is on his podium again. Am I the only one who recognises 6.50? Tony just can't be bothered whether you are straight or gay and gets pissed off, like many others with the Gay obsession with sexuality. If people want to be sodomised or sodomise others thats down to them, I really can't be arsed about it,like Tony.

  15. If you can't "be arsed" about homosexuaity, why publish, or comment on a published, strand about it. Oh yes, because it gives you the opportunity to express anti-gay feelings.

    Going back to the original point of the strand, is it prissy to object to the use of terms like "nigger", "sambo" etc? Are you "pissed off" with blacks' obsession with race?

  16. The whole strand is about a song being censored for the benefit of a few bullies, bugger all to do with gays.

    I understand that one of the prime critics has promoted as part of his career "outing" this is the practice of broadcasting someone private sexual preferences without permission or considering any distress likely to be caused.

    Frankly I find the guy in question thoroughly revolting not because of his sexuality but his offensive bullying tactics.

    The word faggot in english I understand is still some sort of meatball as these are europeans and not americans singing. Surely if they were singing insults about gays they would have mention gays or something like poof, shirt lifter etc.

  17. Tony, my sympathies! You have attracted One Voice to your site!

  18. Nah, sorry, I'm not attracted to either Mr Flaig or his blog. But a merry christmas to both of you anyway.


  19. A cheap comment, One Voice, my apologies. Have a happy Christmas and Tony is actually quite an attractive guy.

  20. I can listen to this song ( I like it despite my age!) and have no reaction to what the word faggot. We are getting so PC these days that most words will be banned by different religions, cults, homosexuals, immigants etc. Just like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a 2008 that is less full of bigotry!!