Saturday, December 29, 2007

Working towards the new year

Since Boxing Day I have been working 10 hour shifts up in west London, which means I have very little time to blog, in fact I have not much time for anything except sleeping, even my conversations with Mrs Me have been short and to the point.

This morning I got in about half five decide to have a cooked breakfast my first hot meal, since Christmas day (apart from half a cup a soup), which after shovelling in the wind and rain much of the night was a real treat.

Waking up around one I had time for a brief but futile converstaion with the boss about a new suite for the front room, as with much we dont always concur particular over soft furnishings. Despite my reputation for consuming pies, sausages and burgers, when it comes to seating I'm pretty much a vegetarian whereas Mrs Me has become a carnivore, I just hate leather, it smells, its sticky and cold, but most likely it will be delivered any day now though.

There are some local issues which I hope to get round to, not least the one where Thanet District council have listened to the local opinion and then totally ignored their wishes, or Ramsgate Harbour which could be about to generate big money with these wind farms off the coast, what do the council do, get rid?

I heard David Blunkett the other day on TV, whinge or at least talk in derisive terms about us bloggers, and extol the virtues of professional hacks but when I read some of the tosh which our local papers put out, they seem to have all the independence of Pravda under Stalin. Which is hardly surprising when KCC flush away 6 million pounds of public money on advertising.

One big issue I hope to bore you lot witless with next year is whether our local authority officials have become too politicised, and whether the spend too much time making policy rather that protection the public interest such as in the case of the Kent TV Scandal.

Happy New Year if I dont blog again.