Thursday, December 13, 2007

Internet Millstone

Millstone not milestone, yesterday I counted my new emails as they slumped into my inbox (1219). I try to answer my emails but for god sake how more times, I don't want any Viagra.

I can remember back in 1995 or so when an email however impersonal was an exciting novelty to read, now all this shit is just something to be process into the recycle bin.

Still as good as they are, getting round to reading, all the local blogs is getting tougher but at least its worth it for now.


  1. Sounds as if you should be using a spam filter Tony. That would cut the burden down to about five junk mails a day!

  2. Agreed with Simon above, Tony. Each day my spam filter catches around 1,000 spams and only a few get through. They take a little bit of training to let the occasional "false catch" through, but a lot better than being deluged.

    I can't recommend a package, but our own (a home network of five computers) uses a well known security package, which has a spam filter included.

    My sympathies otherwise.


    Ewen Cameron

  3. We had a similar problem made much worse by being a business trading on the internet so that much of our unsolicited email is actually book orders the subject being the book title, meaning that one still had to search through the thousands of spam emails in the spam filter.

    I eventually resolved this issue by using aol as an isp which despite the many irritating things it does only send me, about 10 possible spasms a day to sort through without losing any orders.

  4. I understand that Thunderbird (a mail client from those wonderful people that brought you Firefox) has the ability to learn what spam is. I tend to combat it at the server level. I can get around two thousand a day and that's just the ones that hit my servers and find a mail box.

    -Matt B,

  5. Michael's clearly responded to one of those emails if he's getting ten possible spasms a day!