Saturday, December 29, 2007

One in a Million not me

I had a comment from local internet bloke Matt questioning my, accuracy re my claimed popularity of this blog.

To make it clear the reference was to Technoranki top blog list this is used by Brit blog
this may well be confused with Technorati for which I don't wish to promote since for some reason, maybe of quality puts me in top million catagory, I prefer to be at position 146 as per Brit Blogs.

It maybe spin and but I'm sure that at least one regular contributor, to thanet blogs, refers frequently to self promotion and geting better rankings, big deal, I write and enjoy the process, I don't cut and paste endlessly republish others works or indulge in back slapping with other self promoting bloggers, the ones I recommend or link to down the side bar are there because their original.

Top and bottom is that some bloggers get wrapped up in rankings.


  1. Well that clears that one up. I'm sorry that my tone came across as impertinent this was not what I intended.

    Note-to-self: read things twice.