Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I just noticed this brief statement on Councilor Greens website, just wonder if Thanet Council are once again attempting to restrict what some of us know as free speech anyway from the Bignews archive you might want to read some background I'll link to this posting from September 2006, but if your inclined you can always snoop around by using the blog search facility at the top of the page.
UPDATE  Not the case apparently having checked it out with the council, still, one has to keep on top of these issues, because if we don't then one day we wont be able too.  Still if you have any info I mean  "I have local difficulties once again" seems a tad cryptic, probably a neighbour complaining about the noise as he bashes out another long inducement to vote Labour!  Whatever the difficulty trust that you will resume soon David. 


  1. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Thought you of all people would understand that.

  2. I seem to attract some weird contributors these days

  3. Cinderella syndrome ?

    I would be surprised if Thanet Tories wanted to shut him up. Why would they want to upset a councillor whose history is of being very helpful on the Standards Cttee ?