Thursday, February 19, 2009

First the Horses Head now this

Earlier today, some office wallah with an idle moment was kind enough to make a comment concerning copyright, strange, but having checked this some time ago, I thought no more.

But later as I understand, someone sent an email to the Newspaper Licensing Agency, about yes you've got it Bignews Margate and presume copyright infringement something the recipient hadn't seen before in five years?.

I often take a screen capture of newspaper headlines etc. to illustrate a story and almost always then link to that newspapers website, so that they get the benefit of traffic from this site and hopefully advertising revenue, this is probably only something that only a multi platform newspaper or media company would understand.

Now I have spoken with NLA and its quite clear that the use of material as i have used it, is acceptable and NLA deal with organisations and businesses, not tin pot bloggers (my words) .

I cannot think for the life of me, who I've upset recently, that they'd be so silly as to waste time on petty vendettas, still crikey on the other hand, there's been so many, most of the council and even my old mucker Eastcliff Richard (I think we've shaken hands metaphorically speaking).


  1. 'Tweren't me old fruit. I thought we'd buried the hatchet days ago.

  2. Tony,
    You are entitled to your opinions even though they are different from much that we can read in the local and national press. That's the advantage of having blogging. You dont have to be a rich media owner to get your point of view across. For too long the press has been very one sided and a lot of it has to be bias by the very nature of it carring adverts.
    So with local elections comming up I am sure somebody is just trying to get you to go away.

  3. Tony, this time last year local Tory Councillor Ewen Cameron was threatening other bloggers over their use of pictures "without permission". He may be behind this one too.

  4. Tony I own up it was I who shot cock robin and the horses head and I have upset SMEG so between you and Richard can you sort out the hatchet you buried and I will do the decent thing. COPYRIGHT with the internet I doubt copyright can exist anymore and as you said I bet the paper loves a bit of "free" publicity so I would be looking in the direction of the person who apoligised to you re Kent TV as being one among many who want to see you for the high Jump who else have you crossed swords with lately other than Richard and Anonymouses have fun mate and keep blogging now I am off to the funeral of cock robin I am going disguised as a horse if I can find where I put the head