Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kent TV the fuller version

The other day I commented on the short story published in the Sunday Express, I think you will find this version of events located on the Sunday Express website, more fulsome and balanced, as ever if you'd like to comment your free to do so particularly Ten Alps since I've not seen anyone actually support their actions it might be useful.

As you know I write for free and sometimes its best to leave it to the professionals, like Ted Jeory and Eastcliff Richard. Click here and see what you think.


  1. Good on you Tony. We may disagree about the skies over Thanet but your treatment has been awful (did The Sunday Express really call you a 'lowly railway worker'?)

    Seriously though, whatever happened to fair comment and opinion?

  2. You have been consistent in your fair criticism of Kent TV as a poor offering; to too few people but at great cost to the Council Tax payer. A misguided attempt by Sir Bob's team to shut your criticism up has back fired and has caused them embarrassment. Well done , Tony.

  3. Tony I note even the Express is erring on the side of caution (Have your say is unavailable for this story) I reckon their lawyers may think Bob’s lawyers habeas corpus.

  4. I think the idea of broadcasting via the web is spot on but I think Ten Alps has done it poorly and at far too great a cost. Many politicians have set up their own YouTube channels and I cannot see why that was not appropriate here for Paul Carter etc. By all means webcast meetings and other key events but that can be done through any website and as I am learning is not that difficult or complicated.

    Keep on blogging Tony.

  5. With you totally on that one Mark I am going to raise an official complaint about TDCs not using the facilities we have paid for to webcast council meetings, I would be happy to provide the web space if it comes to that but perhaps you can help with the technical side if I get stuck, as I haven’t done it before.

  6. "Raise an official complaint" because your council have got better things to do than broadcast something only a few anoraks would watch.

    I bet you were the biggest tell-tale in your school. Get a life.

  7. Copying activity requiring a licence
    Any organisation that copies or distributes newspaper articles regardless of whether this copying is occasional or frequent, needs to be licensed to do so. Copying for internal distribution that requires an organisation to hold its own NLA licence include (amongst others):-



    Scanning (making a digital copy including copies on company
    intranets etc)


    Viewing articles via a press cutting agency web hosted service

    External copying to Clients - by Public Relations Agencies

  8. Anon 09:19

    A rather silly remark, (:

    Suggest you get back to work, still if your that interested suggest you'd better check with the NLA

  9. West Cliff GB I think it was a fair comment, and I have no problem with that.

    Ten Alps have put themselves into a position which has little support, when someone I respect backs their stance I'll take note.

    10:57 I did raise a complaint, KCC have after some pressure admited that ultimately they are responsible for the Kent TV operation.

    9:19 why not identify yourself, and take a gander at 10:49

    I sometimes use images, which would come into the sphere of "fair use" a bit like fair comment which I'm sure your media buddies understand.

  10. Kent TV is a crap waste of tax payers money.

  11. A boring librarian speaks...

    Funny how those who quote laws so often don't bother to read the detail - copyright law allows use of items under the Fair Use exception, which includes 'Review Purposes' - i.e. quoting from another publication to illustrate an argument (which is what your screenshot is), as well as private study and some other uses. Same goes for quoting from a book, a poem or any other published item.

    So your use is 100% legit, and anyway any action uner the law has to show loss or damage and you cannot conceivably have cost the paper any financial loss.

    I knew that boring lecture at library school would come in handy one day...

  12. Zumi Its much appreciated advice, which confirms my own understanding.

    Still leaves me wondering what's coming next.