Sunday, February 01, 2009


Following my e-mail to Paul Carter back in January, in which I asked for clarification, concerning my right to freedom of speech, particularly on my right to criticise Kent's controversial sacred cow or what some refer to as Kent TV, I have now received at least an acknowledgement that indeed I'm entitled to exercise that right.

One outstanding item of contention I still have with Kent, is the ability of, I presume educated people to distinguish between me criticising Kent TV which is funded by you and I the taxpayer, and third party providers of goods and services.

Admittedly when I refer to Kent TV, I can easily understand how some feeble minded person, could misinterpret my remarks.

Just to make it perfectly clear, when I refer to Kent TV, I am referring to Kent County council's Kent TV, in a political context, and no other, this includes suppliers of electricity, cameras, paper clips,toilet rolls and other facilities Et cetera.

Just why Kent Council are so sensitive about Kent TV is beyond me, admittedly from the outside it appears to be struggling, but even I except that Kent TV has a role, however in attempting to cover politics and news, Paul Carter's Administration ought to have had enough judgment, just to realise how controversial it would prove with many Kent residents.

I would like to thank my readers for their supportive comments and emails, which thankfully included some from Paul Carter's own party (which is no surprise to me).

Much as I like to press Kent Council for an apology its never going to happen is it?

Kent TV is a small issue in the scale of things only a million or two, still any day now advertisers will be no doubt whipping out their cheque books, and wont us critics be looking silly, particularly when Kent council produce those figures, showing just how much its saved the taxpayer.

Still assuming Kent TV is covering news they might like to check this heart breaking story on KM Groups website concerning closure of a centre for disabled people but you know what I dont think they will some how?

The above comments are my opinion and are not necessarily factual statements, also please note these comments like all those on this blog are made within the law particularly those that guarantee freedom of expression.


  1. Good to see you back, Tony. Your right to criticise the considerable waste of tax-payers money by a Conservative KCC on this TV nonsense is paramount and I am glad to see that point recognised. I am embarrassed by profligate waste by a Council controlled by a party that I am a member of.

    Waste and incompetence is just that whether it is Tory or Labour waste of tax-payer's money. When will some of our local politicians realise that perfectly sound criticism is not 'politically motivated'?

  2. Thanks for your support and that of fellow bloggers.

    I am just left angry that Kent council has acted in the way it has.

    Even more insulting is the behaviour of a wealthy individual company director who has promoted a business at the tax payers expense.

    Its a complete ******* scandal

  3. tony, its fair to say a couple of private companies seem to be getting a lot of council time.

    If I'd dropped a £50,000,000 bollock, thats what I'd be concentrating on.

  4. Pity Kents bosses wont put more effort into running council services, instead of spending loads on bloody Kent TB and millions on advertising.

  5. Tony,
    You may be interested in the answer given at the KCC scrutiny meeting on 26 jan to a question by cllr Dean (56 mins into the meeting). I summarise; £400,000 has been put into the 2009/10 budget for a third year, Paul Carter would like other public bodies to get involved with the project, the current contract ends in August.

    Now Kent TV are holding a pop contest to boost the number of site hits. I am not sure how this will help the Kent economy as there have been Kent based contestants doing well on ITV's shows and whilst this may have boosted the public appearance of the people concerned how can this help Kent's unempoyed? I also note there are non Kent residents in the contest!

    My feeling is that if Peter Gilroy and Paul Cater can find a facesaver (like blaming the government for the downturn) KCC will pull out.

  6. I'm glad you are still with us Tony. Thanet has so few bloggers (a handful of hundred is not that many) and we can not afford to loose our best ones (like you).

  7. Cheers Matt but lets be honest we all live in the shadow of the mighty one, that stalks the Eastcliffe.

  8. As commented in he Times, the Public are tiring of the waste in the public sector, and envious of their pension schemes etc etc. These feelings will only get stronger as recession takes grip. KCC should be more aware and more sensitive to public opinion.

  9. Aw - spare my blushes Tony! You're right though.

  10. Kent tv isnt a news channel is a community channel, therefor you cannot expect it to cover every aspect of news. Take a look at the stories and generally there ones that illustrate county life, county events and the roles of various people and organisations, news....if they do cover it, is only on the most sevre events. Its an information channel not a news reactive channel. Bravo KCC, there would be no point in a news channel as we have so many, Kent TV covers the stories others wouldn't even think of and give voice to the smaller events, people and establishments, which I think is a monumental achievement considering the amount of people that work there. There is so much more money being wasted else where, I just wish people could open up and embrace change for the 21st century. Thats my opinion anyways. Continue the good work on the blog tony!