Friday, February 13, 2009


Eastcliff always open to reasonable debate is having a bad day, after reading his latest posting Good News! (which some of us might call poor taste) I added a rather fatuous remark which ECR has censored I cannot exactly remember but here is roughly the gist.

Deleted comment (a dramatic reconstruction)

To put things in perspective it is probably 5 to 6 years since a similar occurrence, there must be in excess of 20,000 runways and airstrips around the world.

5 X 365 X 20,000 = 36,500,000



My response to a sensational posting

Apparently this is shouting, according to Eastcliff, I believe this is a nerdy sort of term which refers to using upper case characters in messaging, but clearly ECR was so offended that he deleted my comment. Nothing to do with the fact he didn't like my comment.

I have never deliberately deleted any comment unless it has been a defamation of someone other than myself, one or two exceptions were graphic threats to my life, most I left on, there is one local contributor who likes to make frequent school boy references to my appearance.


  1. Liberals you live with them, you can't live without them

  2. Arthur Daley and Terence McCann

    Arthur: Look it was invented by er indoors at number ten. Service economy. What an entrepreneur needs is leverage.

    Terry: Leverage ?

    Arthur: Yep. How it works I start selling cars off my lot on commission. But when I speak to my bank manager I don't say that twenty motors on my forecourt are not my property. I add their value to the value of my business and gain clout as a bigger trader see ? It's called leverage.

    Terry: Gambling with other people's property as non existent security more like.

    Arthur: Just so.

    Terry: What happens when it all comes on top and you borrowed against the value of motors you don't own and you can't sell them to get the commission to pay the interest on what you borrowed ?

    Arthur: A crisis someimes called a recession or depression but the answer is more leverage. Expansion of capacity.

    Terry: Do what ?

    Arthur: Planning consent to use a greater area of my car lot for sales. Called an extended shoulder application.

    Terry: Why should the council go for that ?

    Arthur: Promise em jobs. Car mechanics. Car washers. Extra traffic warden requirement. Extra AA and RAC patrolman requirement. Sales executives. And so on. Jobs is the magic word my son.

    Terry: And how does this get you any money in eh ?

    Arthur: Grant aid. Diversification. Added value in the business. To whit more leverage.

    Terry: But didn't leverage get you in the schtuck in the first place.

    Arthur: If its good enough for er indoors at number ten how can it fail ?

    Hope this is helpful

  3. ECR Well clearly you didn't like the comment, which I'm not surprised.

    Just giving the chance for readers to decide.

    Unlike you I shall not be deleting anything.

    You know that I delete only those comments that are malicious referring to third parties.

    And as ever I'm accountable in a way which your not!

  4. It's a double act isn't it ?

    Tony you did lose a lot of credibility when you went off on a crusade about freedom of expression without any foundation for your cause whatsoever.

    ECR has been a similar lightweight ever since he bit on the Gippo word and chose protection of his anonymous status over backing up his rhetoric re taking Simon Moores before the Stnadards Board.

    Hope this helps heal thy differences chaps. The more you differ the more you are the same.

  5. It does seem the Eastcliff Richard is not above taking a cheap shot at those who cross him, in fairly a juvenile manner.

    Probably one of life's underachievers bit like tony

  6. It's all getting rather heated!

    I've just left a comment on ECR that it's time to move on and look forward to the opportunities that this decision may bring to Thanet.

    The alternative of course is constant sniping and griping, involving a form of self expression and crudity that does no credit to the anti-Manston campaign whatsoever.

  7. Gentlemen, really. Let's control our superlicious jejune paralogism and chill.

  8. You're all right, of course, so I've done the only decent thing and banned myself.

    Apologies if it all got a bit heated yesterday, but it's not every day the *!@*ing council votes to build a motorway over your house.