Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogger discovers horses head

You never know what sort of people you might upset blogging but found this recently, in the grounds of the Flaig estate, a horses head impaled upon a stick.

God knows what sort of twisted mind is capable of this sort of thing, but blimey I’m going to have to be more careful, I think.

Anyhow I’m going to have to make arrangements for this little creature, when I’ve decide whether he goes in the black bin for burial or the blue one for recycling.

If it belongs to you, email me in the next day or so before it gets a paupers funeral.


  1. Tony I believe I recognise it as part of the Demeter at Phigalia.

  2. There must be some comfort that whoever did it has got the other end of the horse!!!

  3. Certainly be a bit difficult to explain away if is the Demeter

  4. This horse was very famous at one time. Mr 'ed.

  5. "Wilburrrr"

    Bet it's before you time young Flaig