Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Meeting? When and Where?

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As some of you might know, today there will be an extraordinary meeting of the council to discuss the request by infratil to increase flights into Manston from a very few to a very few more.

That’s not really the point, if like me, you have the inclination to witness, the meeting it seems the case that details are fairly vague about both today's meeting over Manston (Cabinet one as well).

I you follow the TDC website and are actually able to get to the schedule of meetings, you will find the vaguest of details, just the date and thats all.

Thanet is probably full of anorak politicos, who know what's what and when, myself only being slightly obsessive I’d like clearer details.

I’m sure its not the case that “officers” are none to keen on our participation as observers, although the thought does occur as to whether, senior council “officers”, consider councillors as much democracy as they can stand.

Lets hope its not a case that they find public scrutiny, well intrusive.

The Manston ones @ 5:30pm and the Cabinet @ 7:00pm (same time as Emmerdale) both in the council chamber.


  1. Night flights nightmare!
    I bet none of the councillors voting at 5.30pm tonight,were woken up at 5.30 am this morning like I and thousands of other residents on the flightpath to Manston were by a huge noisy extremely low incoming plane to Manston it literaly shook my all this morning for hours on end a learner pilot has been flying over my home every nine minutes,lets hope common sense prevails and we are protected from the Infratill puppets.

  2. All planes are low to land, it is necessary to lose height and get to the runway. Huge? yes, most aircraft are large. Literally shook your house? No need for the word, it isn't relevent. I suspect thousands weren't woken, a mass exaggeration. The pilot needed to practice here so you have future pilots to fly you to Spain from Gatwick in the summer.

  3. What a smart-arse! I am in favour of Manston expansion but against some of the small-minded folk who cannot understand what problems this will bring to many people. With your bitter little attitude, be rest-assured that any prospective airport employer will soon bypass your job application pal!

  4. Anon 9:11
    What was it that escaped from howletts?

    Having been to tonights meeting it would be difficult to guess what political persuasion you represent,
    but lets hope you get your medication pronto

    There are other blogs maybe you have one of your own

    I suggest you seek help for your communications problem so that you can better articulate what you mean. Also a bit of anger management might help!

  5. 9:11 here,

    Perhaps I should have made myself clear, i was refering to the 4:36 comment. I represent no politicals at all, just fed up with the polaristation of argumments about Manston without seeing other peoples points of view. Judging by your observations everyone is apparently a "muppet" who does not agree with your views on Manston! I am in favour of Manston expansion but fully understand why people oppopse it.

    Love and Kisses


  6. Manston expansion could do more to revive Margate & the surrounding towns (& by default all of Thanet) than any art galleries. Glad to see that common sense has prevailed tonight.

  7. Apologies...sort of. I only posted facts, I am that smart arse..and have happily worked at the airport for 20 years already, no need to apply for a new job there :-)

  8. I have heard that that airline is really KLM