Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meridain Back to the Past

new meridian

It seems I get most of my news these days from the blogs to the left of this twaddle, and I must thank Thanet Observer for breaking the news that …. news will never be the same and local stuff, rare as hens teeth if ITV continue their public service commitment to making a fast buck at the expense of the viewer.

Thanet Observer’s post “Waking the Dead”, informed me that once again veteran presenter Fred Dineage will be gazing out from the goggle box a little older and well not a lot different (he used to fit a 20” screen but seems more suited  40”).  He last appeared in these parts some time in the early eighties, then he dissappeared when TVS took over broadcasting in the South East.

I for one think that Fred Dineage is one of televisions better presenters, that said his return brings with it news items, that are actually nothing to do with us here in Kent, one of the reasons Southern TV lost the franchise all those years ago, was the piss poor regional news output, which mainly consisted of cats being stuck up trees just outside their Southampton base.

So in one fell swoop, local news has been screwed because regulators OFFTOSS (I can’t be bothered to look the proper name) or whatever their called caved in to demands from ITV to denude us of a proper regional news service.

Still it was clear things were going down the toilet fast when I received an email last year which included this remark “I have just come across your Thanet blog and wondered if you would like to be a guest blogger on ITV Meridian? We haven't had our blog long but are looking to expand it and offer it to people such as yourself who can give us an insight into local life.” well as you can imagine I was much interested but once I mentioned wonga it went no further.

Still as an experiment I shall copy the text and email it to see if I get a response I assume the person who sent the email has been caught up in their mass cull.

On the bright side there’s always Kent TV with a wealth of, best not go there hey.


  1. By jove is that a whiff of "pro blogger" I smell. Thinking of doing this for a living Tony?

  2. I responded to an email, but thought these media types have money to burn, well clearly the dont.

  3. I think the funnist thing to watch is Fred Dineage's 'comb - over' .. much worse than Sir Bobby Charlton's.

  4. We were warmed about this but i hoped it wouldn't happen. Still at least we get our own weather (for now)

  5. I think he was born with it Thanet Observer, but despite that he's good!

  6. I love Fred Dinenage!!!!! I am so glad he is back!! I remember him from How! and Day By Day in the 60s!!!!! He hasn't aged a jot!!!!!

    And please please please can everyone spell his name right - DineNage!!!!!!!!!!

  7. There was me thinking Day by Day was anchored by Tony Bilbow,
    Kenneth Kendal and Don Moss in the Sixties. Its ironic that Southern TV lost its franchise because of poor SE coverage. Will ITV scrap Coastal Ways and Country Ways next? I remember the time when Southern produced a program called Countdown!