Sunday, February 08, 2009


As part of my great works of charity, I offered to drive my niece up to Heathrow, as she's flying home to her family today, anyway instead of parking up and giving her a hand with her luggage, I loaded her bags on to a trolley and left her to own devices.

I promptly disappeared and got into anorak mode, and parked up to take photographs of planes taking off, from the Airport.

Anyway when I checked in with the Mrs. Me, later, she informed me that my niece had just rung my sister, then posed a question " guess who was in the queue with her?", instinctively I knew " Bob Geldof?"

He was last seen apparently heading towards, Smith's, I just wonder if he purchased a copy of Private Eye for a bit light reading.

Maybe it was just as well that I didn't hang around, anyway she also claims to have seen Hugh Grant.

The day was not a complete waste however, since I did get to witness an Airbus A380 fly overhead, and managed to take a couple of mediocre or photographs.

Would I have said anything? Probably not.

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  1. OO what a lost opportunity Tony-a spate with bob geldolf Tee-hee!