Monday, February 09, 2009

Labour in fresh betrayal of ordinary people

scretary of state for health

Along with the phrases like "education education education", " British jobs for British workers" and this current one from the labour party's health page on their website " our NHS -accessible to all, personal to you"

Well we all know that as far as education is concerned, the labour party, waited literary just a week or two after they came to power, to end many years of free tuition  in Britain's universities and colleges, British jobs we all know are available to everyone, particularly those who see them advertised in East Europe.

In a clear move to double prescription charges, according to the news of the world, the Department Of Health are now telling doctors to only prescribed medicines for one month at a time instead of two, this is yet another attack on the weakest (literally) members of our society.

It's rare, a week passes, without some new evidence of Labour's remoteness from those who elected them, whether Peers on the take, the Prime Ministers telling porky's (in misleadingly vague sense) about jobs whilst feeding failed bankers with billions from the taxpayer.

It seems that Labour have become every bit as sleazy and corrupt as the Tory party in the nineties, what a depressing thought.

The government might well have acted in the best interests of the economy, in saving the banks from collapse, but it's clear that Gordon Browns government are so inept, that they didn't even think to attach any conditions to the loans, so whilst those revolting people in the banking industry are lining their pockets with our money and paying themselves huge bonuses for being useless, those with long term medical conditions will help fund this nonsense. 

Contact Alan Johnson to thank for the opportunity to subsidise bankers through the NHS

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  1. not paying prescription charges my self I am in no position to comment but the banking situation is a joke people in a position to meet payments not being given the loans and going back to a workforce and saying here are your p45's they then sign on and everyone pays