Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thought for the day - The Home Page

I'm sure that most who read Thanet Blogs, get the impression that those of us who are driven to inflict our ideas and comments on the world must be egocentric nutters, well I'd like to disabuse any readers who think that way but since I tend to agree I cannot.

Just now, I was thinking of setting my home page to this weblog, proof if anything that my sense of self importance is dangerously inflated, for now I still have sufficient cognisance to resist the urge to swop, from my current home page, the neutral BBC to this masterpiece of waffle.

Still I noticed that Cllr Mark Nottingham follows his own blog, as do I.


  1. I thought everyone in kent had their home page set to!

  2. They do except me, I'd only find myself with an urge to comment and who knows what that would lead to.