Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Thank you to Private Eye (no. 1229), for finding room in their Rotten Boroughs section to air my problem with Kent council, and what I perceived to be an incursion on my freedom of expression. Copies available at all good newsagents page 11*.

Ever since I've received, that letter, taking exception to remarks I've "made about Kent TV", I have tried to resolve the issue as to whether, KCC would take responsibility and or acknowledge my right to free speech.

When I got in touch with Kent's councils contractor, after receiving their rather exceptional letter, I contacted them, firstly to ask what if anything they wished me to retract remove or otherwise. Also I recall that I made contact the contractors outpost in Maidstone and promptly apologised to a bemused employee who must have been so traumatised as to not know to what I was referring as a precaution I also sent an email to John McGhie the editor of Kent TV.

Last week Geoff Wild, KCC's director of law and governance replied, I presume on the council leaders Paul Carter's behalf, agreeing that I did indeed have a right to free speech, even going to the trouble of finding a quote from Peter Tatchell.

I accept responsibility for what comments and suggestions I make. One thing is for sure I've never sought to make a bigger issue of this matter than is necessary but just what the hell are you supposed to do!

I've already spent to much time on this subject, but lets just get this clear, this blog is all about me and what I think and how you think, should you take the opportunity to make a comment you can do so freely long term readers will know that the only censorship on this weblog is restricted to abusive comments and even those when directed at me usually stay including those offering hospital treatment.

Regulars will also be familiar with my frequent grammatical errors and the like, and each time I post I take tremendous care in what I say, so for that reason I will not give you my opinion what motivated that exceptional letter.

I see a letter that as effectively being on behalf of KCC since it addresses itself to comments that I have made about a council project, paid for by taxpayers, created on a council whim, producing content to council guidelines, and governed by a council appointed board (all with public sector connections or media bods).

Thank you to all those fellow bloggers, readers of bloggers, journalists, politicians, who've expressed support. This subject is now boring me but I'll leave it with my postscript on last email on the subject to Mr G. Wild.

PS Whilst you consider this further you might want to ponder on these words of Thomas Paine "A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right." or even "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
The above comments are my opinion and are not necessarily factual statements, also please note these comments like all those on this blog are made within the law particularly those that guarantee freedom of expression.


*Text on ECR's Blog, Crikey I should get out more update@22:26 didn't find out myself till I spoke with Thom Morris about 3 ish


  1. All this is getting them more negative publicity than they could've expected from someone solely reading your blog.

    If they'd accepted your blog and comments for what they are, personal opinions, then they'd be in a much better state of affairs than they are now with articles on countless blogs and also published in national publications.

    Do they not know that we hold the power now *cue manic laughter!*

  2. Kent's attitude is shocking.

    The restraint shown is commendable.

    Good luck!

  3. all I can say I had never been on Kent TV untill I read of your plight. I wont be a regular user it is not in my humble opinion any good I can get the local information from the BBC local website

  4. Excellent article. Hope it gets right up their noses. Twats.

  5. Kent TV are putting on a Pop contest to try and attract visitors. What next - Readers Wives - vote for you favorite.

  6. Covered here:

    Matt Wardman