Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Right Kids, tonight’s homework!

Yes your home work tonight is an essay on which minority, you belong, and why Kent police ought to employ an officer or two so that you get preferential treatment.

To get you started here are some minority groups you might belong to “yoofs”, “coming up to 30’s” , “drivers of white van”, “middle aged bloggers”, “agency workers”, “taxpayers”, “fat blokes”, “married to bloggers” “born and bred in fannit” etc.

No excuses will be accepted other than I had to watch “corrie” before ITV goes bankrupt, or I’m worried that bankers wont get any bonuses next year, I will also accept “that the Staffie I adopted ate my homework and has just started on the settee”.


Kent police last week made the news for their gay initiatives, which apparently moves them up the league of gay friendly employers, and of course, this month Kent police are celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community by getting 14 year olds to write an essay entitled "All different, same respect".

Quite what the purposes of this is I do not know, since I think to highlight any group in this manner, suggests that they are somehow remarkably different or even privileged, as far as I'm concerned people are people and should be judged by there character rather than anything else.

This of course is the latest evidence that policing is not what it should be, if you'd care to have a glance through Kent police hate crimes page (I take it they mean crimes of violence which occur as a result of a stereotypical view). On the Hate page, you find definitions and helpful advice and phone numbers to report Racial Incidents, Homophobic and Transgenic, what you won't find are hate crimes that fall outside these Headings.

Why no heterosexual reporting line, just imagine how many incidents occurred last weekend, just as a result of someone's girlfriend being chatted up, or the discovery that some bloke has been playing away from home, something I'd think a much bigger problem but generally confined to young adults.

So maybe if the police have to get involved with education, they might encourage youngsters to write an essay, on why it's not acceptable to put someone in hospital for chatting or sleeping with a girlfriend or boyfriend, of course this would also apply to the homosexual and transgender community and would rule out the necessity to have some "minorities" team in each policing area within Kent and maybe save us some money.

If anything the creation of "Hate" crimes, creates hostility since naturally the public rightly or wrongly feel that some crimes are given greater resources than others, surely all crimes should be treated with similar resources, I assume that most victims irrespective of their attackers motive, just want see the perpetrators brought to justice.


  1. It is up to each police officer to say NO. Each took an oath to hold office by the joint authority of the people and the monarchy (the Crown). Each is empowered through being an INDEPENDENT ministerial officer of the Crown.

    A constable is not subject of orders (other than by Judicial Warrant) but is subject of being charged with duties for which each alone is criminally answerable to the Queen for breach of duty.

    The office is held conditional that the constable defends the rights, liberties and freedoms of the people.

    That means that constables should have said NO to the unlawful multicultural experiment.

    Our rights, freedoms and liberties include being equal before the law and all equally entitled to enjoy PEACE.

    Home Office training in "Respect for Diversity" is unlawful. The constable hold office on oath to treat all the same. "With neither fear nor favour nor malice nor ill will".

    The problem of this pc nonsense in the police was allowed to develop by all the Pc Nonsenses masquerading as constables.

    Little men with big tazers, oath breakers every one of em.

    So you got a point Tony.

  2. Tony, I think you're overstating things a bit here... Homophobia is as rife in this country as racism was 50 years ago (if you don't believe me then I'll walk down Margate seafront holding your hand on a friday night: the reaction would be similar to the way mixed race couples were treated by many half a century ago!). Despite my name, I'm definitely NOT P.C., but I think this is just an attempt to make young people think about minorities a bit more.

  3. Peter Only if you buy me a drink, er no maybe not! I'm busy but you might be right.

    Hello rick if that tonight's first contributor!

  4. I will gladly buy the drinks if Tony and Peter spend the whole of a Friday night wandering up and down the seafront.

  5. Er, holding hands that is. Not just wandering up and down!

  6. Oi Peter ! You offered to hold my hand last week on my post regarding this subject, . . . but i politely declined.

  7. Quentin Crisp once said he had become almost immune to homophobic attacks as he had become the stately homo of England, but frankly no when I think about it I probably wouldn’t fancy it either, and admire the courage of those that do it, I mean being what they are and showing it. I also think the P.C. lot are as disliked by the minority groups as much as anyone else, as a country we are not getting the way we deal with minority groups quite right, but I don’t really have a solution, onnly time seems to work.

  8. The most obvious "minority" groups in our town are ethnic, gay, transgendered etc so it makes sense that those are the ones being involved in this. HOWEVER this is all totally dependant on where the 14 year old lives and who they know, for example some may only really know immediate family, friends, teachers etc, none of which may be ethnic or gay or transgendered etc therefore making these groups of people the first that spring to mind as the minority but who is seen as a minority by the 14 year old out playing football with the polish kids down the road everyday after school while mum chats over the garden wall to the gay couple who live upstairs and the older sister is indoors watching a dvd with her black boyfriend?

    "Hate crimes" are not only violent and yes most violent acts round here on a night out are probably to do with someone coming onto some lout's bird, not a reason to get bottled outside Bar 26 but neither is being black, gay, transgendered, etc. Those counted as hate crimes are the ones involving rase, sex, sexuality, a bit of jelous battery cannot be considered hate crime, more mindless violence after too many stellas.

    I agree on....
    "So maybe if the police have to get involved with education, they might encourage youngsters to write an essay, on why it's not acceptable to put someone in hospital for chatting or sleeping with a girlfriend or boyfriend, of course this would also apply to the homosexual and transgender community and would rule out the necessity to have some "minorities" team in each policing area within Kent"

    But also the minority thing does need addressing because hate crimes do exhist so brushing them under the everybody-is-the-same-carpet is not going to stop it, thats like saying if we don't see it it isn't happening.

    The government need minority groups to label people because yes, whilst everybody is the same everybody is also different and jobs for example need to have a good balance....

    For example a company of 20 people have a new job vacancy will ask some questions when you apply - if the majority of employees are male then their priority may be hiring a female, if there is one gay man there and no lesbians if two women and one man applies all with the same amount of experience and potencial etc chances are they will ignore the man and shortlist the two women, if one of them ticks the lesbian box then guess who gets the job? whilst this may not be fair to the man or the lady who came second it is seen as a positive thing to the lesbian minority

    In responce to Michael Child:
    Courage? This is the exact attitude that creates a minority group.
    Why should it take courage to hold hands?