Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paul Carter wrong again as KCC top bods share Bonus Bonanza

In support of Peter Gilroy Chief Executive, and the other 7 top “officers” at KCC who are apparently sharing a special taxpayer funded bonanza of £100,000.00, Council Leader Paul Carter informed KM News thus "As an excellent authority, we need to pay the right salaries to recruit and retain the best people possible. However it is worth noting that there is no progression for senior officers, unlike all other employees who have a grade range, and have the opportunity to progress through their grade as well as receive a cost of living rise. Senior officers receive 'clean pay' and do not have the additional benefits others receive."

Precisely what all that means, I don’t know but I’m guessing that maybe its this, were all pretty self important around here and as such we’ll pay ourselves what we like.

What we do know from Paul Francis’s excellent account is that KCC, wouldn’t let us into the secret of how the money was divided up, no doubt, it was subject of a dignified discussion, one can only imagine, perhaps Peter Gilroy, declined his share since he's reputedly paid a quarter million each year, “no you lot have it”, well we will never know! and that’s the way they like too keep it.

So really I have to take back what I said about Cllr Paul Carter, yes he took the tough decision to limit pay increases to 1%for staff, but really cocked it up by allowing these to bods to just carry on as normal. KCC reminds me of all those crazy Labour run councils of the 80’s that were described as Loony.

Just imagine what this lot would be paying themselves if they hadn’t lost £50mill, if they hadn’t set up Kent TV, Kent Healthwatch. It would be intriguing just to know how or what they did to earn this bonus if anything.



  1. Thanks Michael, that's why I have a link to the Taxpayers alliance, somewhere on the sidebar

  2. Oh, I only just discovered it, as you know I am the new boy when it comes to local politics.

  3. Unedifying to see that KCC and TDC seem unduly secretive about salaries in response to TPA requests whilst other Councils up and down the land seem far more open.

  4. Who else would employ this lot, Jesus

  5. For a bonus scheme to exist, there have to be clearly defined targets put in place at the outset. These targets then have to be met.

    We are entitled to ask what these targets were/are and by what measure and by whom were they set and subsequently evaluated.

    I'm sure that KCC will be falling over themselves to clarify these matters.

    By what measure can they claim that they are employing the best people? The best people by definition stay in the private sector by dint of the fact that that at executive level, the public purse cannot and should not compete. They are meant to be public servants which infers a different mindset entirely. In the meantime it's doubles and trebles of bonus all round.

    Imagine being in the KCC Press Office? Now that's department that's going to deserve a bonus after this one!

  6. I have been informed that The Young Carers Group has ceased to be due to lack of funding. So children that care for disabled parents and siblings have no respite.
    Then I suppose bonuses are more important.

  7. Blood sucking fat bloated balloons.