Monday, June 01, 2009

Thanets Top Ranking Blogs (or a load of old balls)

Google Pagerank as explained in Wikipedia

At the end of each month, I like, I guess most bloggers think blimey, what’s the point. In recent times Michael Child has produced a little chart of how many unique hits, he’s received from local blogs for his combined blog and TDC PR site, so that one has a rough idea of relative place as far popularity is concerned.

Anyhow I would be telling porkies, if I said I paid no attention to such matters, but when I look at my hit counter most months its up slightly on the month before and has double up on hits for last month,year on year.

Still its unlikely that Bignews Margate, will ever be anything other than a side show, since popularity in a “Britains got talent” sort of way, is improbable unlike Ramsgate’s leading millionaire ECR’s mix of serious issues and good old fashioned undemanding British toilet humour.

Still its incredible that you’d read this stuff, cheers, since I’d guess I’m one of Thanets least educated bloggers, that said it gives me a buzz that anyone takes the trouble.

What’s prompted this self indulgent waffle well I just noticed that my Google Pagerank had crept up to 4 out of 10 an honour shared with Margate Architecture, Thanetonline but for some extraordinary reason, the cold hearted google algorithms have left others notably Thanet Strife, Thanet Life, Thanet Star and even ECR rated at a miserly 3 out of 10.ranked

It’s worth noting last time I got a similar rating and made reference, it didn’t last long and I was soon back with the herd and eating humble pie, rather than pork pie!

As superficial as this stuff seems, I do take a pride in having the occasional victory, like pointing out to KCC, the four star council (which has five star cock ups), that they were broadcasting misleading election advice.

I didn’t mention the first for Margate news, yawn!first for margate news


  1. your posts are always balls!

    keep rolling them

  2. No Tony The most uneducated blogger has got to be ECR he cant even spell Sandy without putting a boot in it

  3. Couple of thoughts Tony one is I am getting a lot more instances of errors opening your blog than I used to and I wondered if you have noticed this or if it is just me.

    This seems to happen much more when I click on a link to one of your posts from another blog than it ought.

    I have just had a good play with the page rank checker and it seems all three of my websites rank 4, which as I know is very out of date and in need of a major overhaul, leaves me a bit suspicious. My other blogs don’t rank at all so I don’t know what that means.

    Lies damned lies and statistics, didn’t the man say?

  4. Its difficult not to Don

    Michael I'd take a thorough look at the diagram at the top of this post.


  5. Congrats on being Thanet's second most popular blog!

    As for Our Glorious Leader, Don, I may put the boot in, but never before he's put his foot in it first.

  6. I shall consider adding the legend "Thanets High Ranking Second Rate Blog"

    I've also considered "Greater Than Eastcliff Richard" but look at the backlash the late J. Lennon received

  7. Tony looked at the diagram read wikie article, but frankly statistics is not something I think I will ever understand properly and will have to bow to your superior intellect on this one.

    BTW does anyone know where I come in the great scheme of things in terms of blog popularity?

  8. Lol you two I only wrote that cos I cant spell with a drunk accent I came well down the blog popularity listing NO BODY LUVS ME I AM GOING DOWN THE GARDEN TO EAT SUM WORMS