Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Changes and additions

Blatant Brit I started a new blog yesterday, aimed at bigger fish I think, Blatant Britain, as they say its under construction. Purely accidental, and not the greatest title, still Bignews Margate is not the greatest, anyhow that’s not the point.

Bloggers will be aware of the reminders from google to monetise your website, with adverts, its probably the blogging equivalent, of taking in dirty washing (email

My new blog was only started so I could play about with google adwotsits, and yesterdays post, was suitably pompous, I don’t think that i’ll be making money, anytime soon, but I’ve an idea that is unlucky not to pick up money in the street, even if its just a penny.

A couple of years ago before the depression, I reckon I was making as much as 25p in week (five shillings in old money), but in these more desperate times its rare to see coins left in the street.

I think I may have cocked up the registration, for this thing so I’ll see what occurs, but I don’t expect to make money anytime soon, if I earn the price of a pint by the time, I jack in blogging I’ll be surprised.