Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saint George reclaimed

Bayside St. Georges day is almost upon us, and its worth mentioning that unlike other nations that make up the United Kingdom its probably only in the last year or two, that people have become comfortable with celebrating the occasion.

Anyhow I just mention it in passing as I received an email yesterday, from The Bayside Brasserie 54 Albion Street, that they have a special menu both lunch time and dinner.

Its good to see that business is starting to adopt the day, which is proof that St George has lost its hijacked connotations.

Anyway the menu looks good unfortunately, I have a prior engagement on the railway, enjoy!


  1. Yes indeed, Tony, something I have been going on about for a little while now, if you read YourThanet at all. However< I find your juxtaposition of items on this somewhat grumpy old recieve from me a division communication inviting you to celebrate St George's Day, with a flag to put in the Flaig window...and you ignore that to whinge about the lack of a minifesto, which is not published until tomorrow, 24 April...I will ensure you personally get a copy.

    In the meantime, enjoy the day, and celebrate the day with conservatives Mike Jarvis, Roger Gale, Laura Sandys and myself, who have your interests at heart, even if you dont appreciate it!

  2. Minifesto?
    That sounds about right

    Still I have this idea that your colleague paul Carter just gets his best ideas from officers

  3. What a great politician you would have made Tony - completely avoiding the question and restating your exisating prejudice! Your spin doctor would be proud of you!!!!

  4. St Georges parade Sunday Margate 2pm.