Thursday, April 16, 2009

WHAT TALL SHIPS? Tall ships short on spectators!

Not for the first time Thanet lets slip, yet another opportunity to promote this area at almost minimal cost.

I cannot understand why Thanet Council, didn't announce earlier the visit of the Tall Ships race, even if it could not have been more precise about actual arrival times.

Presumably authorities at Ramsgate Harbour where aware, of the likely arrival time of the flotilla, as was one assumes, the Royal Temple Yacht Club overlooking the Harbour, where it seemed from my vantage point, that one or two G and T's and maybe the odd pint were being guzzled, by participants of the race overlooking the Harbour. drink anyone

Since the local media rely heavily on press releases from local councils and the like, I'm sure if handled more effectively there would have been more people around the Harbour area, spending money in our local businesses, particularly since, many people are currently taking time off for the Easter holiday.

The site of these ships is magnificent, as would have been a crowded Harbour area, stuffed full of onlookers.

Hopefully next time the Tall Ships, visit Ramsgate Harbour, local authorities will have the foresight to publicise, prior to their visit and not halfway through.


  1. Yes it's the council's fault but you have ask questions of our local media owned websites.

    We've been hearing the owners nagging the government (and anyone else who'll listen as they're being doubly hit by both a recession in the ad. market and long-term irreversible structural changes in media consumption) for the past few weeks, to relax the competition and ownership rules because 'Without us, who will stand up for the local community?'

    Draw your own conclusions.

    Anyway, don't editors keep a 'what's on' diary/calendar anymore? They used to. No doubt they'll get round to publishing a pic. or two in next week's editions.

  2. I noticed last year the regatta thing really had no spin off for the public as for whatever reason, it is kept very much to they yacht community.

    A little bit of publicity might had a some additional benefit to local traders.

  3. I saw this in todays (Friday) Gazette and thought "that'll be worth a toddle down to see", and then I saw that they were only here on Wednesday, staying overnight, and so I'd missed the boat (pun intended).

    In this case it should've been promoted more, but as always there should always be an emphasis on the individual to do their research too as we cannot always be spoonfed information, but it would always be nice to get a heads-up anyway to point us in the right direction.