Monday, April 06, 2009

That will do nicely in Maidstone and mind your own in Thanet

Shock horror as once again the Tax Alliance, announce the winners and er.. WINNERS in their fourth Town Hall Rich List, and its good news for Kent’s Local Authority Supreme Bureaucrat, who despite slipping down from highest paid council officer in the land, to number three position, has nothing to complain about (well actually there is, since the Audit Commission were none to impressed with KCC’s Icelandic cock up) .

Any how KCC’s Chief Executive Peter Gilroy, still has something to celebrate though, since not only is he still paid, vastly more, for running Kent, than Gordon Brown gets for running Great Britain by day and then in his spare time saving the world from global catastrophe, as Peter has managed to breakthrough the quarter million barrier, to trouser a very reasonable £255,000.00.

Still according to the Town Hall Rich List, Thanet District Council has refused to answer their question on Town Hall pay, as a local Tax payer I’d like to know why? How much does our Chief Exec get paid, perhaps Sandy could make enquiries. Still its seems safe to say that few local authority chief execs gets out of bed for less than a hundred grand.


  1. I just like to know why TDC should be so secretive, I know that just as god is omnipresent Richard Samuel is omnibusy, still, no reason for not letting us know what his costing.

  2. LOADS UV MUNEY in best ECR impresion of whats is face

  3. Tony I have just posted about the same thing it’s just crazy and there doesn’t seem to be any way of controlling this expenditure that we just can’t afford.

  4. Michael I cannot understand why or for how long the public sector thinks its immune from market forces.

    That said I think there will be a few blogs up and down the country posting on this subject.

    I've done another post touching on the same subject.