Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Net Curtains for Dreamland

No not a makeover for Margate’s icon, just a mention that the Theatre Royal will be hosting theatre company Net Curtains who’ve been developing three new plays around the theme of Dreamland and perhaps more specifically Margate town.

Having received an email from Claire Farringdon artistic director of Net Curtains, I did what I normally do with my emails, overlook it, for a week or so, until about half hour before I started blogging on the subject. Anyway I’ll tell you what I know which is er not a lot.twitch

The Net Curtains Theatre company specialise in working with writers, to develop new work, anyway enough of that malarkey, it seems that they’ve taken some effort to cook up, three short plays on the theme of Margate, the shows entitled Dreamland and will be performed on the 24th of May.

Depending on how these are received, one of the plays will I understand be further developed into a full length production.

Whilst I think about it, I’ve rarely visited the Theatre Royal, and strangely I’ve been more often to the West End and further as I suspect is the case with most of us, but this looks like not a bad evenings entertainment.

Anyway it’ll be interesting to see what three, one hopes talented writers, can find to write about that connects with my home town, myself I’ve found the last few hundred thousand words, on this blog a bit of a struggle any how, Sue Liener gives us the ,”The Bed and Breakfast Burglar”, Tim Stimpson “First Impressions”, and James Woolf “Soul'd” are they any good, hopefully but you’ll only find out if you go see.

For more info click here for the Net Curtains site and here for the Theatre Royal.


  1. Tony, went to the recent showing of a 'Twist in the sand' at the Royal. Great show, but sad to say the seats were most uncomfortable. (obviously too large a bum size). Wolud reccomend it to all with petite rear ends

  2. why is it wwe dont go to stuff on our own doorsteps I am guilty as charged