Thursday, April 30, 2009

Highways Agency to save the planet at what cost.

Crikey as a frequent night worker, I was a tad concerned that the Highways Agency might be risking my safety after a long night grafting on the railways by turning off the lights on the M2, just to save money.

What a relief it was to see that this is not the case, according to the Highways Agency, South Eastern Operations Director "We are looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of operating the motorway network and this is one step in that direction."

Personally I don’t think their is any credible evidence outside the institutions, paid to prove the existence of global warming, that it actually exists, still it seems the Highways agency are doing the honourable thing and risking my safety for unproven science and no doubt the 40% energy saving and resulting cost saving is just a by-product as of course will the diminished safety.

For the BBC story click here


  1. Was I dreaming but a documentary about the huge Kodiak bears was playing in the background.

    "What could have caused more bear attacks this year than in the previous 8 years ?"

    Er Indoors to TV "Bet it's global warming"

    Prog to Er Indoors "The coldest winter on record ...."