Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sandy’s Tories Guilty of Feeding TDC Fat Cats

No surprise for readers of Bignews Margate Feb 24, when I suggested that staff would be receiving 2% and bosses a few grand more, was I right with "lets hope TDC don't have some sly deal, on the side where top knobs get some ridiculous bonus"

Last week Simon Moores chair of the general purposes committee was quoted as saying "This is a difficult and sensitive time for all pay negotiations", well he's not wrong there except when he presides over a free for all, with our money.

Particularly annoying for many in the private sector, who have either lost jobs, lost hours, had no increase, must be the fact that those in the most secure jobs locally, are to receive a two per cent increase.

Rather misleading was the suggestion that a pay award of nought percent had been made to the corporate management team, now whilst their strictly not telling porkies, there is however a smokescreen surrounding just how much, TDC top knobs have managed to snaffle from us, long suffering tax payers.

Probably the only group more furious than us the taxpayer, would be the those referred to as a senior staff, since their increase was less than 2%, offered to others, and presumably the reason for this would be to help finance TDC fat cats.

Just why old Sandy, would want to reward the corporate management team, is presumably something we will never know, but maybe it's for their competence in handling the Northdown house fiasco when they wasted thousands, rather than just check what everyone else knew (that covenants prevented the sale), or maybe not issuing a TDC press release in the style of a drop it and cop it, which is reserved for us taxpayers, should we drop litter, but not apparently when the Leader of the Council is censured for the second time in as many years for rather bad and boring behaviour, which does nothing to enhance Thanets reputation.

If our local council was reflective of the local economy, then harsh as it might sound, local councils staffing levels ought to be reduced by something of the order of 10%, however since our Sandy and his deputy Roger rarely seem to initiate policy, it's no surprise that the local Tory Group seem to have been led into a situation in Thanet ignores economic reality.

The Conservative party used to be regarded, as the party that would deliver cost effective services, if the Tories are as lazy in protecting the taxpayer across the country, as they are in Kent it will be interesting to know what David Campbell will have to offer us to voters in any future elections.


  1. I really wish that it was all as simple as you paint it here Tony!

    The important thing to focus on is that despite any modest increase in senior executive salaries they have assumed a greater level of responsibility and a broader workload to match, as a consequence of streamlining the structure. This alone, salaries included, will save £200,000 this year.

    It's Government which needs to set a firm direction in regard to the public sector compensation scheme or the population will continue to be concerned by what they see.

  2. "I really wish that it was all as simple as you paint it here Tony!"

    Pretty patronising stuff Simon?

    If the increase was really modest why bother? Why not show some leadership and declare a proper pay freeze for the management team - now that would be popular.

    And what 'increase in workload and responsibility'? Surely, anyone on a 6 figure salary is working like a horse already? If they mess up, they lose their job - no increase in responsibility is there?

    You chaired and 'led' the committee that approved this and yet you blame the government? What about your responsibility? Or could an automaton do the job?

  3. Jean.. I'll call you that for now as you appear to have a number of aliases in use elesewhere that suit the occasion and your style is quite unique.

    I repeat, the true picture is not as simple as you might wish to paint it. Rest assured though that decisions are made in the public interest!

  4. Dr. Moores,you say to Jean, 'your style is quite unique'!! I believe you were once a school teacher, not English, I assume.

    Either something is unique or it isn't.

  5. My straw-poll of local people reveals that 100% of them want the Council cut back and wages frozen or reduced, particularly for the so-called senior staff, who are being grossly overpaid. They want the existing employees to do their jobs properly, and they want Council tax bills reduced year on year.

    We have 54 Councillors sitting in Margate. In what way are any of them reflecting public opinion? My perception is that they've all got their snouts so deep in the trough that they can't see the storm clouds gathering around them.

  6. I'm not entirely surprised by this. Especially after reading that Mr Wise telling the world that TDC needs to hire consultants so often because the Officers of the council lack both the time and the skills to do their own jobs.

  7. Another old chestnut: "broader workload"
    Fewer people to do more work with less competence.
    Wake up Doc.